Thursday, 30 April 2020

The Cornish Connection by Amanda James

Nancy and Charlie Cornish are happily married and live in Padstow, Cornwall. Nancy works in the Whistling Kettle Cafe and Charlie is a DS in the Truro police. Charlie's a down to earth Cornishman, while Nancy, seemingly an ordinary member of her community, has an extraordinary gift. She is able to make psychic connections with those who have passed, and objects belonging to those still living. 

Charlie mostly tries to ignore that aspect of his wife's personality, he can’t abide all that ‘mumbo jumbo’ as he calls it. Then, out of the blue, Nancy leaves her job and decides her mission in life is to use her gift to help others. This is not what Charlie signed up for, and he lets Nancy know about his feelings in no uncertain terms. That is, until he realises she might be a very useful detective...

Helping Charlie find a missing teenager boost Nancy’s confidence, and makes her determined to continue her work. People come to see her because they want her to find a long-lost friend or relative, an object that is dear to them, or a pet who’s gone missing. Helping people find happiness is Nancy’s main aim. Charlie, however, wants her to help him solve crimes.
Will the couple find some common ground? Or will their connection be broken? 

I’ve read Amanda James’s book since her debut and they just keep getting better.  From her time slip novels to mystery and crime. From witchcraft to spiritualism. Every book penned by Amanda James is different.
I loose track of time reading her books and always feel bereft when one ends. I can’t wait for her next one. 
This is one of those books that hooks you from the first page.

Nancy works in her local cafe. She often knows more about the customers than she should as she receives messages from the spirit world to give to them. Nancy’s husband Charlie is a detective, he deals in facts. What will he think of his wife’s plan to give up her work to become a psychic detective ? 

Needless to say sparks fly but Nancy is determined to help people with the gift that she has. No matter how small a problem,if it matters to someone she will help.
Nancy is a lovely lady, the kind you would want to be your friend and share a coffee with. I wasn’t very sure about Charlie at first but I warmed to him eventually.

This book transports you to the cliffs and shores of Cornwall. The quaint shops, the people and the folklore.
I enjoyed the story so much and I’m hoping there will be a sequel or even a series as I’m not quite ready to leave Nancy and her amazing gift. 
On Amazon only 99p for kindle

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