Thursday, 11 July 2019

The Spanish Promise by Karen Swan

One of Spain’s richest men is dying. But as he prepares his estate, his family is shocked to discover he is making plans to give away his wealth to a young woman they have never even heard of. Who is she and what hold does she have over him?
Charlotte Fairfax is asked to travel to the troubled family’s home in Spain to get to the bottom of the mysterious bequest. It’s the week before her wedding but she is confident she has time – there’s only one reason an older man leaves his money to a beautiful woman, isn’t there?
But in Madrid, things don’t go to plan when the woman denies knowing anything about the gift. Is she lying? Looking for clues, Charlotte digs into the prominent family’s history and unearths a dark and shocking past in which two people were torn apart by conflict. But now, their long-buried secrets are starting to reach into the present and Charlotte starts to wonder whether love does not need to forgive or forget in order to endure – but just needs two hearts to keep beating.

Charlotte's job is helping people deal with suddenly acquiring a large sum of money.
When the richest man in Spain has made a will on his deathbed leaving nearly all his money to a woman no one has heard of Charlotte gets the job of finding her and getting her to accept less money.
When Charlotte finds Marina she denies knowing her benefactor, Arlo Mendoza. She then agrees to meet him and his son Mateo Mendoza at their ranch in Spain taking her grandmother with her.

The story goes back to the 1930's and the civil war in Spain. We learn about the Mendoz brothers and their sister.  The brothers and their authoritarian father refuse to help out the starving workers on their bull farm. The workers want pieces of unused land in which to grow food to feed their families. The Mendoz family refuses and are now at war with the people.

I didn't realize how much of the war was between rich and poor,those who have and those who have not. It strikes of unfairness,that people who were starving were still expected to do a days work for the richer classes.
To say the historical part of this book is traumatic would be an understatement. My nerves were on edge reading this part of the book not knowing what would happen next or who would survive.

The modern day part of the book was more lighthearted with a bit of romance thrown in, until the last few chapters. I wept at the ending of this book. It is actually one of the loveliest and yet saddest ending to any book I have read.
I have tried not to give any spoilers away which is why I have not mentioned many names. I loved this book.

Published today in paperback or kindle download Here

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