Saturday, 1 June 2019

Come Back For Me by Heidi Perks

A tiny island community is stunned by the discovery of a long-buried body.
For Stella Harvey the news is doubly shocking. The body has been found in the garden of her childhood home - the home her family fled without explanation twenty-five years ago.
Now, questioning her past and desperate to unearth the truth, Stella returns to the isolated island. But she quickly finds that the community she left isn’t as welcoming as she remembers – and that people in it will go to any length to protect their secrets.
One thing rings true…
You can’t bury the truth forever. 

Stella was born on the Island of evergreen just off the coast of Dorset. She loved living there unlike her older sister Bonnie who has always felt unsettled. Brother Danny seems to have social problems and doesn't like communicating with people.
One night when Stella is eleven years old her family leave the island in the middle of a storm. Her father and mother insist they have to go even in such dangerous conditions for sailing that night. It is never spoken of again.

Twenty five years later a skeleton is discovered just outside the back garden of Stella's old house in the garden. Stella has always wanted to return to Evergreen, to her best friend,her mum's best friend and to Annie who was like a second mother to her.
It might not be the best time to return but Stella is pulled back to the island and into mystery and intrigue and danger as someone makes it known she's not welcome.

I found myself saying,"Don't go back Stella" "Don't do this Stella!" but she didn't listen.
I was drawn right into the story of this family as so many things seemed wrong,so many secrets. Some of the islanders seemed a bit strange and like Stella I didn't know who to trust and who not to. I feared for Stella.

The story went from present day to twenty five years ago and Stella's life on the island. I liked both timelines. I was kept on my toes reading this book, never knowing what was coming next.
I thought the police investigation to be a bit slow. I don't think they even asked the question to Stella of why she had decided at this particular time to visit the Island when she hadn't been there for 25 yrs. I would have thought that a bit suspicious.
That's the only slight concern I had in what turned out to be a cracking good read.
This is a new author for me but after reading this one I will try her other books.

Kindle edition published today and hardback on 11th July Here


  1. Ah, Ann, I'm so glad to see you're back to your previous format! This is another great review! I always try to keep these books in mind, but I've got so many to read I'll just have to come back to your blog when I want to pick up on one of these. You've given me some great suggestions over the years. Thank you!


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