Monday, 11 February 2019

The Man I Fell in Love With by Kate Field

Sometimes we find happiness where we least expect it…
After twenty years of contented marriage, no one is more surprised than Mary Black when her husband announces he’s leaving her… for another man.
For the sake of the children, Mary has no choice but to pick herself up and start again. She hosts family meals that include Leo and his new partner. She copes with the kids wanting to spend less time with her and more time with their ‘fun’ dads. But one thing she can’t quite ignore is Leo’s gorgeous brother, who has just come back to town.

Mary finds out at a party that her husband, Leo is gay and is leaving her,in fact he has only been waiting until the children are old enough to do so. After twenty years of marriage I expected a more explosive reaction from Mary,but no,she is like a sheep to the slaughterhouse.
Mary takes  all that Leo throws at her, and  it's a lot. She accepts his partner immediately with hardly any questions asked.
This actually put me off the book at first as it made me so annoyed. I couldn't see anyone reacting or not reacting to a life changing episode like this in real life.
However after Leo's brother arrived on the scene I started to really enjoy the story. Mary's mother in law was also lovely and very supportive to her.
When you find out near the end of the book the past history of Mary,Leo and some other people I suspect it will make you as annoyed as it made me.
I loved the story but still can't forgive Mary for not standing up for herself more and trying to keep everyone happy.

Sorry,no links but £2.99 for kindle on Amazon and also out in paperback.

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  1. Okay, so the commenting works fine here on my laptop, which is also Apple, so I think it's an iPad problem, Anne. I found this an intriguing book! I could feel you irritation with the heroine, but now I want to read it and find out what happens! :)


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