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The Lost Sister by Tracy Buchanan

Summer, 1991: A trip to the beach leads to disaster for Becky’s family. It is the day a boy nearly drowns, and the day Becky’s mother decides to abandon her own husband and child for the mysterious man who saved him.
Now: It’s been ten years since they last spoke, but Becky’s mother has just weeks to live. And she has something important to tell her.
I had another child.
With the loss of her mother, Becky aches to find her sister. She knows she cannot move forward in her life without answers, but who can she really trust?
How far would you go to track down the sister you never knew existed? 
And how can you trust a woman who has lied to you your whole life?

Tracy Buchanan writes brilliant stories. Each one of hers has enthralled me. My favourite is The Atlas of Us. If you haven't read it then you can find it here...

Now on to her latest one.
Becky's mother,Selma is unhappy and just at the right,(or wrong ) time she meets a charismatic man on the beach who is living with a group of people in a large cave. They are all artistic types who have left the trappings of the real world behind to concentrate on their art.
Selma has been trying and failing to write her second novel and Idris, the mysterious man convinces her that living in the cave amongst like minded people will do it for her.
Becky's father fights for custody as he doesn't trust the people in the cave nor does he want his daughter to live there.
We hear most of this part of the story from Selma's point of view and it broke my heart that she walked away from her daughter and towards Indris and the cave dwellers.
Becky finally hears from her mother after ten years of silence and spends the last day of Selma's life with her. Her mum's last words were that Becky had a sister and she had to find her.
The next part of the book is Becky's search in different countries trying to find her sister. Although this seemed like a futile exercise I think it did Becky a lot of good as she finds out about her mum's life along the way.
I couldn't put this book down and here are a few unexpected happenings  towards the end of the story. I thought Becky was a great character especially after the dramatic incident of her mum leaving her so young.
 Idris, I didn't take too until way into the story. As for Selma, she was basically a good person just not the best mother in the world.  I felt sad about the missed opportunities over the years between Becky and her mum,it could all have been so different. 
The only negative I have is I got a bit confused towards the end about a book that was written by one of the cave dwellers. When you get to that bit maybe you could let me know if it was just me being dotty. 
I'm giving no more of the plot away except to say it's a great read. 
Out in paperback and kindle

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