Sunday, 8 July 2018

The Calico Cat by Amanda James

At thirteen, Lottie discovers a huge secret which her parents have kept from her, the impact of which proves to be life-changing.  

Because of the way Lottie’s mother handles the consequent fall-out, the two become distant. Lottie’s rejected by her mother and deemed troublesome, rude and willful.  Ever since then, Lottie has struggled with fitting in and actively tries to be different from others.

As an adult, Lottie decides to quit her teaching job and follow her dreams to become an artist. But will she succeed and can she put her troubled past behind her?

As Lottie embarks on a journey of self-discovery she will come to examine the importance of life, love and friendship.

Lottie does what many of us would love to do. Halfway through teaching a geography lesson in her classroom she decides she'd rather be doing something else and walks out.

She decide to pursue a painting career and follow in her grandmothers footsteps. Luckily her grandmother had left her a legacy when she died so Lottie has the funds to see if her new career will take off.

Unfortunately Lottie's mum is a nightmare and very unsupportive  of her daughter, especially of her new plans. Enter Caleb a colleague of Lottie's who is worried about her. They become friends and decide to go together on a walking holiday in Cornwall. 

Each person they meet along the way changes Lottie's life in ways she had never imagined. One thing that has aways loomed large in Lottie's life is what she calls, "The Big Fat Secret" something she discovered when she was thirteen years old. 

This will also have to be faced if the rest of her life is to be happy and fulfilled.

The book is told in first person and I felt as if Lottie was telling her story to me personally. I also coveted her apartment in Newquay it sounded devine.

A few sentences in the book had me laughing as this is exactly how I feel.

Lottie is speaking to her mother........

"You need to stop reading those chick-lit books, Mother. The ones with titles like The Best Little Pink Art Studio in Fluffy Chocolate Town by the Sea – happy endings guaranteed, or your money back."

"I don’t read chick lit, I read women’s fiction."

Very funny line but, authors really need to stop using these book titles! 

Another cracking story by Amanda James. I have read all her books and every one of them is different. 

There is no box or genre I could put her books into except maybe, " unputdownable reads!"

This book takes the reader along with it on Lottie's journey to discover the person she was always meant to be.  The sights,sounds and smells of Cornwall come alive as we walk a few steps behind Lottie and Caleb.

Out now in paperback and kindle

Amanda James has another new book published called Rip Current and I'm looking forward to reading that one too.

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