Wednesday, 18 July 2018

Letters to my Daughters by Emma Hannigan.

Throughout their lives, the three Brady sisters have always been closer to their nanny May than to their own mother, Martha a busy midwife. May always thought of them as her daughters so when she dies suddenly, the sisters are left devastated -- especially when they learn that letters intended for them from May with final words of advice and love have gone missing.
But what words of advice could the sisters need?
Beatrice, owner of exclusive wedding boutiques, is busy and fulfilled. Rose has a beautiful daughter, a luxurious home and a thriving interiors company. And Jeannie, married to a wealthy plastic surgeon in L.A., wants for nothing. 
Except that each of the sisters carries a secret ...
As they gather for the reading of May's will in Dublin, they must face some life-changing decisions. Will they ever learn the words of advice May had for them and discover who took the letters?

When Martha returned to work as a midwife and handed her three daughters over to the care of their Nanny, May, she never considered the fact that her girls would become closer to their nanny than they ever were to her.
Nanny May has passed away and the three sisters now grown up with their own lives are devasted. How will they ever cope without their beloved Nanny May's love and advice? 
When the solicitor informs them that letters were left for each of them and their father but can't be found the girls can't believe it. Is the last communication with their loved one gone forever?
 A story that kept me turning the pages. Three sisters united together in grief despite leading very different lives. Jim,their father is an attentive and loving dad but their mother Martha was a strange one. She loved her job as a midwife and the mothers and babies loved her. She would do anything for them morning,noon and night but not much of that love and attention came her daughter's way. Her patients see her in a completely different light than her daughters do.
Having left them with the nanny all these years has she left it too long to show them love? 
 A sad and happy story with missed opportunities and many things left unsaid. 
I really enjoyed this book as I do with all of Emma Hannian's books. It's so sad that this was her last one as Emma passed away earlier this year after her long battle with cancer. She is sorely missed.

Out in hardback,paperback and kindle download.

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