Thursday, 26 July 2018

An Italian Summer by Fanny Blake

A compelling novel about friendship, family secrets and second chances, set against the backdrop of southern Italy.

Sandy is in her fifties, and at a crossroads in her life: she's a teacher and respected by her pupils, but she feels she is being sidelined in favour of younger colleagues. So when her mother dies, leaving her a sealed envelope addressed to an unknown woman living in Naples, Sandy decides to head to Italy to resolve the mystery by delivering the letter herself. 
She books herself on to a small sightseeing trip from Rome to Naples and the Amalfi Coast, hoping to meet some like-minded people along the way. Who is the mysterious woman she is searching for? And will Sandy find friendship, or even love, along the way...?

As always, another absorbing story by Fanny Blake. This one takes us to Rome, The Amalfi Coast and Naples. 
Sandy, on holiday in Italy has brought her mother's journal with her written when she was a young girl visiting Italy. Sandy thought that maybe through the journal she would get to know her mother better and  find a reason why she was so distant. She also hopes to find some clues as to who the mysterious Anna is as her mother's last words were to find her and deliver a letter. 
Sandy  is on a sightseeing trip and is soon to be joined by the other guests including one who has the potential to spoil her holiday completely. I enjoyed hearing about the lives of the other guests and why they had came on the holiday. Some were nice and some were real pains,the type of people you would hate to get stuck with on holiday. 
We hear through the journal the story of Sandy's mother and her life when she came to Italy as a young girl. Alongside this is the search for Anna and the people who help Sandy along the way.
The author's descriptions of the old streets,the cafes,the food,the ice cream all made me feel as if I was a few steps behind Sandy in her search. 
I began to care for the characters and turned the pages quicker to find out what was happening next.
I loved the ending! 
It's so good to read a book where the main character is a woman in her fifties and not someone's  crochety old grandmother which is sometimes the case. 
A great holiday read.
Published today! 
In paperback or for kindle

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