Sunday, 3 June 2018

The Wish by Alex Brown

Sam Morgan knows he messed up with his wife Chrissie and daughter Holly – he wasn’t there when they needed him most, but now he’ll do anything to put his family back together again. Until then, he's back living in the picture-postcard village of Tindledale.

Jude Darling is coming home for good this time. She's taking over the antique shop in Tindledale, the place where she grew up and she's going to make sure she's there for her friend, Chrissie, and Goddaughter, Holly. They certainly need her right now.
As for Holly, there's only one thing she wants and it's not the sort of thing you can buy in a shop. She might be thirteen years old, but Holly still believes in wishes, and perhaps if she wishes hard enough, this one might come true........

It's lovely to be once again back in the village of Tindledale  enjoying a story about another set of residents. As usual with Alex Brown's books some of the characters from previous stories pop in and out of this one.

Sam has been working abroad earning money for his family but his trips home become less and less frequent until his wife Chrissie told him not to bother coming back as her and their daughter Holly are now managing quiet well without him. 

When we meet Sam he seems such a lovely man and I couldn't understand why he would do this to his family as he obviously loves them very much. We get to scratch beneath the surface and find out why Sam has stayed away so long.

Sam and Chrissie's daughter Holly is not coping well with her diabeties and is desperate to get her parents back together but along with her wish she may need some help.

Jude who is Chrissie's best friend has arrived back to live in the village and soon becomes involved in Holly's plan as well as working for eccentric rock star Myles.  I think Jude and Myles deserve a book of their own. I thought he was hilarious and would love to hear more about his plans for Blackwood Estate and follow his escapades.

I didn't feel I got to know Chrissie very well as the main focus was on Sam and Holly. Sam's grandmother was lovely, his mother not so much. There is also a big secret which when finally revealed will change everything. 

I can always depend on a really lovely read from Alex Brown. It's comforting to be transported back to that lovely village and its inhabitants once more. Read with a glass of wine and some chocolate ! 

Only 99p for kindle and £2:99 for the paperback. Much cheaper than a fancy coffee or even a glass of wine.

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