Sunday, 29 April 2018

Memories of Us by Vanessa Carnevale

One moment can change your life.

When Gracie Ashcroft wakes after a crash with severe amnesia, she must choose whether to live a life through other people’s memories or to start a new life all her own.
Discovering her late mother left her an old flower farm, Gracie leaves her fiancé, best friend and the home full of forgotten memories behind, hoping to learn who she is now.
Torn between wishing she could remember and afraid of losing what she now has, Gracie starts to wonder: if you had your time over, would you live the same life twice?

What happens after you lose your memory? Are you still same person? If you have no memory of your friend or the man you love,will you still like them as your friend and will you still fall in love with the same   guy? 
These are the questions that Gracie has when she has total amnesia after a car crash. In the hospital she accepts that the woman at her bedside,Scarlett, is her best friend. She refuses to see Blake who she is told is her fiancé. 
Gracie doesn't know who she is or what she likes and she doesn't want to be told what to think, she wants to find out for herself. The only memory to come into her head is the names of flowers and how to grow them. When Gracie is told that her mother died a year ago and that Gracie was in the process of selling her house which has a flower farm attached to it Grace knows that she has to go there, back to where she grew up to find the answers she needs to remember her lost past.
I enjoyed this book and the journey Gracie goes on to make a new life for herself. There is a good twist which some people might see earlier than me and it fitted nicely into the story.
Out in paperback and kindle is only 99p


  1. Sounds like a good read, Anne. I quite like books about people losing their memory and how they deal with it. I wonder if it is only 99p in the UK. I'll check!

  2. Unfortunately must be a Kindle Countdown, so not available in the Netherlands.


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