Monday, 5 March 2018

The Widow's Promise by Jennie Felton

Carina Talbot's life is shattered when her beloved husband Robert is found dead in mysterious circumstances. Suddenly she must take on sole responsibility for their two young children and find a way to continue running the farm which was Robert's pride and joy - not to mention prevent Sally, her beautiful and headstrong sister-in-law, from making choices that will affect them all.
Help comes in the form of two new men in her life: local landowner Lord Cal Melbrook, a scarred war hero whose surly temperament seemingly masks a generous heart, and a mysterious stranger who claims to have been friends with Robert and offers a much-needed hand on the farm. But can Carina truly trust the motives of either man? And, as a woman alone, can she keep her vow to protect her children from further tragedy?

This is book four in The Families of Fairly Terrace Saga. Each story is about a family or family member who lived in Fairly Terrace at the time of a mining accident. You don't have to read from book one if you have missed any as they are all stand alone stories.
Catrina has to be strong when her husband Robert dies. She is left with two young children and Robert's elderly father to look after. Times are hard struggling to run a farm with only Robert's sister Sally to help. Money won't stretch to hiring help but her prayers seem to be answered when a man claiming to be an old friend of her husband offers to lend a hand in return fo food and lodging.
Help also comes unexpectedly from Lord Melbrook someone who Catrina has reason to despise. 

I have loved getting stuck into another book by Jennie Felton. She has transported me back to 1910 with her authentic descriptions of life at  Dunderwick. I could almost imagine myself inside the farmhouse,smell the food cooking, hear the children squabbling and I felt the fear faced by Catrina and Sally on their isolated farm when they hear gossip about an undesirable in the area. 
At times I didn't know how Catrina would survive another setback as bad luck followed back luck. Surely even the strongest of women would collapse under such circumstances. 
As always Jennie Felton's female characters are no shrinking violets. They are strong women who care for their families, work the fields, deal with brutish men and above all they survive the toils of their lives.
With one surprise after another it's no wonder it didn't take me long to read this book. I love an epilogue, mainly because I want to read more and find out what happened next, ( I never want to leave an enjoyable book). This epilogue takes place 8 months after the end of the story and I'm pleased to say rounded it off nicely. 
We also have the treat of reading the first chapter of Jennie Felton's next book, The Sister's Secret....coming soon. I for one can't wait. 
Out now in hardback,paperback and kindle
I have also seen it in Tesco, Asda and Morrisons.

Jennie Felton is a born storyteller. Did you know she has also written books under different names. 
Check out her Amelia Carr books , some of my favourite stories are here. Stories of wartime,families and secrets.

Jennie also writes as Janet Tanner
Some of these have been re published in kindle format.


  1. This sounds like a lovely read, Anne. I could do with some historical fiction too.


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