Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Things to do When it's Raining by Marissa Stapley

When secrets tear love apart, can the truth mend it?

Mae Summers has it all: a loving fiance, Peter, a job at the flourishing company he owns and a beautiful New York City apartment. But Mae's life shatters when she wakes up one morning to discover Peter gone--leaving only a cryptic note behind him--and the company in shambles, its investments founded on lies.There's only one place for Mae to go: home to Alexandria Bay, the small tourist town in upstate New York where she was raised by her grandparents in the inn they own. And not all is right in Alex Bay, either: Mae finds her grandmother struggling with dementia, separated from Mae's grandfather thanks to a terrible secret she never meant to reveal.She also finds Gabe, her childhood best friend who became the love of her young life--now a handsome if brooding adult, working through a private trauma that still haunts him.A lifetime of secrets stands in the way of Mae and her family's happiness. Home may be where the heart is, but sometimes it takes equal parts love, forgiveness and will to mend that heart.

Mae can't believe it when her boyfriend leaves her and presumably the country leaving only a note. He has committed a crime that Mae could also be involved with. After dealing with the police she goes to the childhood home of her grandparents to reassess her life. Her grandparents run an inn in Alexandia Bay and peppered throughout the book are the list of things to do when it's raining that her mother had written and placed on the wall for guests. 

Mae's grandmother Lily is in the first stages of dementia but no one seems to notice. She has inadvertently disclosed information to her husband,a secret she has kept for years and he has left her because of it.
On her own she's not doing well but tries to cover things up until she goes missing.
Gabe, Mae's childhood sweetheart is back in the bay too but he has secrets and heartaches of his own to deal with.
Another book that I enjoyed, sad in a few bits and enough to keep me reading to the end. I think this is the author's second book and I would like to read her first one.

Here is the link to it on Amazon. It is only out in paperback or audio, no kindle edition yet and I do think at £11:99 the paperback is expensive.  I will be saying that on my feedback to the publisher.

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  1. H, books with secrets...always tempting! Thank you, Anne!


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