Sunday, 22 October 2017

The Pool House by Tasmina Perry

A Summer To Die For

To Jem Chapman, it's the chance of a lifetime. An invitation to join a group in an exclusive Hamptons house-share, who could say no? But when she discovers what happened last summer, Jem can't help but feel a chill.

A young woman was found drowned in the house's pool. The housemates said Alice was troubled. She'd been drinking. She couldn't swim...

A Secret To Kill For

As Jem gets to know her glamorous new housemates, she realises each has something to hide. What really happened last summer? And who would go to any lengths to keep a person quiet?

Jem and her husband Nat are living the dream. They have moved from London to an apartment in New York. Nat has a good job with a magazine and has a great social life. They have just been offered a share in a holiday house in the Hamptons, so...what's not to like? 

Well the fact that the couple who house shared before them dropped out because one of them,Alice drowned in the pool at the house. Why hasn't Nat explained this to the unsuspecting Jem? 

I'm always in for a good read when I pick up a book by Tasmina Perry. Nothing is ever straightforward in her books. Her last few books were of slightly a different genres and now with this book we're back to the writing style of her first books. No matter what, I've enjoyed every book of hers I've read and I enjoyed The Poolhouse too.

As Jem decides to find out why Alice went near the pool when she couldn't swim and had been drinking she discovers that some people would rather she stopped asking questions,is Nat one of them? 
Get yourself a glass of wine and a big bar of chocolate and curl up at the fire in a comfy chair and just....ENJOY!

Out in paperback in all bookshops and supermarkets or download it for kindle for 99p! You couldn't even buy a fancy coffee for that price!


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