Our Summer Together by Fanny Blake

OUR SUMMER TOGETHER is an uplifting story about family, friendship and the happy surprise of finding love later in life.
Caro knows how to be a mother - advising her grown-up daughters on career and relationship worries. She knows how to be a grandmother - enjoying the hectic energy of her three-year-old grandson. She knows how to be a daughter - helping her aging mother retain her independence. 
She thought she knew everything about being a wife, but when her husband suddenly leaves her for another woman, everything is thrown in the air. So, when a chance meeting introduces her to Damir - younger, intriguing and attentive - she realises that opening up to a man so different from everyone else in her life, might also mean getting to know who she really is...

It makes a nice change to read a book about an older woman. Caro's husband left her two years ago when she was turning sixty. If there's anything that would make a woman feel her age it must be when her ex husband finds himself a younger  woman. Caro has accepted it,her two daughters have accepted it so life just has to go on. 
Her daughter's Lauren and Amy are involving Caro more in their lives to keep her occupied but she feels she's being taken advantage of slightly as she has plenty of things she wants to do for herself now. 
She doesn't want another man, she's tried but there's never been that special feeling until Damir walks into her life. Can she trust him? He's younger,what will her daughters say or even her mother?
I loved Caro and throughout the book I just wanted what was best for her. I laughed out loud at a proposition her daughter Lauren put to her but I'm not going to tell you about it, but if you're Caro's age you will laugh too.
Damir was lovely but a bit brooding for me although he has plenty of reasons to be like that I couldn't have put up with him but he made for a good character.
This was such an easy book to read and just a lovely story of a strong woman finding the courage to tell people what she really wanted.


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