Monday, 29 May 2017

Step by Step by June Francis

Will their friendship survive against all odds?
In the early 1900s two girls see each other through good times and bad. But can their friendship endure when an dreadful act of violence sees their families turn against one another?
Hannah Kirk and Alice Moran have been friends since childhood. Growing up in the back streets of Chester, they support each other through hard times. But when Alice’s mother dies in childbirth, the girls both must take on great burdens.
Alice’s violent father attacks Hannah’s mother and the friends are separated when Alice is forced to flee with her father while Hannah cares for her bedridden mother and the rest of the family. As Hannah struggles to cope and suffers awful mistreatment at the hands of her devious older brother, she questions whether Alice is her friend – or the cause of all her troubles. Will Hannah and Alice reconcile, or are the wrongs of the past impossible to make right? 

Warning! This book has a couple of despicable characters who will make your skin crawl and possibly make you want to dispose of them in a gruesome way.
Alice's father Mal is a wife beater, a man only his mother could love and I doubt very much if she did. He had a lovely wife and Holden but only thought of himself.
Her friend Hannah didn't have it easy either with her brother Bert and his warped sense of what was decent. When Hannah's mother has an accident and Alice's mother dies the lives of the two friends will change forever.
This is a story of friendship against the odds. Each girl had plenty of troubles of their own to put up with but could always rely on each other. I read this book in a day,I didn't want to put it down. 
This is the first book in a series of five titled The Victoria Cresant Sagas. These books are not follow ups but all different stories and all out now. Here is the Amazon link for Step by Step only 99p.
If you click on the title of the saga below Step by Step on Amazon the other titles will come up,they all sound good.

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