Friday, 21 October 2016

Finding Libby by Deanna Lynn Sletten

Poring over a dusty hatbox of photographs in her grandmother's closet, Emily Prentice is shocked to discover her father was married to his high school sweetheart before meeting her mother.
In the summer of 1968, Jack and Libbie fall in love under the spell of their small town, untouched by the chaos of the late sixties. Though Libbie's well-to-do parents disapprove of Jack's humble family and his aspiration to become a mechanic, she marries Jack a year after they graduate high school. But soon their happiness crumbles as Libbie's mental state unravels and she is drawn to alcohol and drugs. Despite his efforts to help her, Jack loses the woman he loves and is forced to move on with his life.
Now that Emily's mother has passed away, Jack is alone again, and Emily grows obsessed with the beautiful woman who had given her father such joy. Determined to find Libbie, Emily pieces together the couple's fragmented past. But is it too late for happy endings?

While helping her grandmother pack up her house Emily discovers secrets from her father's past. She finds out that he had once been married to Libbie his childhood sweetheart. Emily's mother has not long passed away and Jack and her had a long and happy marriage but Libbie  is curious about what happened to his first love, is she still alive?
What follows is a happy and heartbreaking love story,one you would have thought would never end.

Libbie was the girl from the rich, posh family and Jack was the boy who wanted to be a car mechanic from a poorer family. They fell in love in opposition from Libbie's patents. Jack did his best but Libbie had a fragile mental state and things went from bad to worse,her family intervened and Jack was left alone unable to make things better.

I shouted at this book a few times. I shouted at Libbie to pull herself together and I shouted at her parents and at Jack but to no avail. They went on and did their own thing and made me shed tears...again...and again.
My only hope was that many years later Jack's daughter would make everything better. Did she? You'll have to read the book for yourself to find out but I promise you won't be disappointed.


  1. Wow, this sounds like quite an emotionally charged book, Anne! A great review as always!


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