Friday, 29 July 2016

The Perfect Gift by Emma Hannigan

Happy Birthday, darling girl...

Ever since she can remember, Roisin has received a birthday card in the post. Signed with love from the birth mother she has never met.
Brought up by her adoptive parents, Keeley and Doug, Roisin has wanted for nothing. But on her thirtieth birthday a letter comes that shakes her world.
For Keeley, who's raised Roisin as her own, the letter reminds her of a secret she's been holding for thirty years.
And for Nell, keeping watch in the lighthouse, the past is a place she rarely goes. Until a young runaway arrives seeking shelter, and unwraps the gift of hope for them all...

Roisin, adopted as a baby by Keeley and Doug when her birth mother dies has been recieving birthday cards written by her birth mum every year. On her 30th birthday she also recieves a letter which makes her wonder more about her background. Roisin also receives bad news about her deli and restaurant Nouriture and now she has to decide what her future will be.

Keeley is turning sixty soon and is still running her bed and breakfast accommodation. Her husband Doug who has retired is out and about with his friend with never a thought for Keely.
Liv her other daughter is having a crisis and expects Keeley to help with her lodgers as well as the two grandchildren. How much is Keeley prepared to take? She should be there for her children and grandchildren, but when a handsome sweet talking German man Claus shows her some attention should she throw caution to the wind and think of herself and let them all get on with it?

Nell who is in her seventies lives alone in a lighthouse and she likes it that way but when a mysterious teenager shows up one day Nell finds her life changing and a new world opening up for her.
I was really drawn into the lives of the characters in this book. Keeley was a typical mum,expected to do everything for her family and no one thinking that maybe she'd like some help or time on her own. I don't know how she managed to keep it all together. Doug who failed to see what side his bread was buttered on and goes on fishing trips and holidays without his wife. I could have strangled him.
Roisin has so much going on in her life with her deli, her thoughts of her birth mum and nursing a secret of what happened to her when she lived in France. Just when she needs her sister Liv is having a crisis of her own and needs Roisin to help her.
This was quite a page turner for me as I wanted to find out the secrets these women had kept. I did guess halfway through the book but it didn't spoil my enjoyment of it.
I always love reading books written by Emma Hannigan and still have a few to catch up with. So many books ,so little time. I have a feeling we might re visit these characters in another book at sometime,I do hope so.
The Pefect Gift can be found here 
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