Tuesday, 12 July 2016

The Paris Secret by Karen Swan

Not every door should be opened . . .
Somewhere along the cobbled streets of Paris, an apartment lies thick with dust and secrets: full of priceless artworks hidden away for decades.
High-flying fine art agent Flora from London, more comfortable with the tension of a million-pound auction than a cosy candlelit dinner for two, is called in to assess these suddenly discovered treasures. As an expert in her field, she must trace the history of each painting and discover who has concealed them for so long.
Thrown in amongst the glamorous Vermeil family as they move between Paris and Antibes, Flora begins to discover that things aren't all that they seem, while back at home her own family is recoiling from a seismic shock. The terse and brooding Xavier Vermeil seems intent on forcing Flora out of his family's affairs - but just what is he hiding?

Flora's latest job as a fine art agent is to fly to Paris to an apartment that hasn't been opened for seventy three years. She is approached by Madame Vermeil who tells her that the apartment was owned by her father-in-law who died during the war. According to the lawyer it was never to be disclosed to the family until after her mother-in-law had passed away, she was the only other person who knew about the apartment and is very unhappy that her husband's final wishes have been overturned. 
When Flora enters the apartment she finds hundreds of paintings some very valuable and she has to research and catalogue each one of them. As she researches  the origins of the paintings some very painful secrets are uncovered and Flora finds herself wishing she had never taken the job on.

I could not put this book down. As one secret after another is revealed the book became more and more unputdownable ( is that even a word?). Why has this room been locked for so many years? Where did the paintings come from? Do they belong to the family or someone else?
As Flora investigates she is also dealing with a very big problem in her own family and is doing her best to be supportive while being out of the country. I loved Flora's knowledge and intelligence and her passion for art. The love interest Xavier I didn't take to straightaway but he grew on me. 
I like a book that is not just a straight forward love story but teaches me something I didn't know and this book fitted the bill.
Another book that I read quickly as I couldn't wait to read what happened next. 
This is the first book I've read written by Karen Swan but I've had a look online at her other books and I really want to read more from her.
Published on 14th July it can be pre ordered from  Amazon

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  1. I haven't read any of her books either Anne, so that's another to add to my never ending list :)


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