Thursday, 2 June 2016

The Secret of Orchard Cottage by Alex Brown

April Wilson is wondering what to do next – her life has been turned upside down after the loss of her husband so she’s hoping to piece herself together again with a visit to her elderly great aunt, Edith. Arriving in the rural idyll of Tindledale, she’s dismayed to find Edith’s cottage and the orchard behind it in a sorry state of disrepair. Edith seems to have lost interest completely, instead she’s become desperate to find out what happened to her sister, Winnie, who disappeared during WWII.
April gets to work immediately, discovering that the orchard still delivers a bumper crop each year, and with the help of some of the villagers – including Matt, the enigmatic Farrier – begins to unravel the mystery of the missing Winnie. Slowly,
April can feel things coming to life again – but can Orchard Cottage work its magic on her too?

This is publication day for Alex Brown's latest novel.
We are back in the lovely village of Tindledale again, this time to Edith's cottage at the edge of the village.
April feels she has been neglecting her elderly aunt but she is grieving for the loss of her husband who she nursed through his illness. Her stepdaughter encourages her to visit her aunt as some time away from the house would do her good. April finds her aunt  confused and not doing very well so she decides to stay longer than she had planned.
 As April settles down there is a love interest which she is not sure she is ready for but more exciting than that is diaries she has found belonging to her aunts oldest sister Winnie who disappeared during the war under a cloud of gossip that she was having an affair with a married man.
When April was reading the diaries I didn't want her to stop. I certainly would never have predicted the outcome of Winnie's life.
Some of the charactors in the village we have read about in previous books pop in and out of the story which is nice.
I feel that Alex Brown's books  just keep getting better and I think this is her best one.
When I had finished the book I went back to the prologue to read about Winnie again.
If Alex reads this review I would like to plead with her to write a book about Winnie's life during the war from her point of view. We only heard about it from a third party and it was so interesting.
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  1. Well, I'd buy this book from the cover if nothing else, but your review makes me want to read it even more. Thanks for this, Anne. It sounds lovely!


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