Saturday, 11 June 2016

My Husband's Wife by Jane Corry

When lawyer Lily marries Ed, she's determined to make a fresh start. To leave the secrets of the past behind.
But then she meets Joe. A convicted murderer who reminds Lily of someone she once knew, and who she becomes obsessed with freeing.
But is he really innocent?
And who is she to judge?

Lily and Ed are just married but things do not seem good between them. Ed is a frustrated artist and not good at communicating. Lily is a defence lawyer who is sent to a prison for the first time to interview a man Joe Thomas who is accused of killing his wife. He is a very strange man who somehow convinces Lily that he is innocent.
 We then meet Carla who's nearly ten. She is a neighbour who lives with her Italian mother Francessca. Carla,bullied at school and left to her own devices comes into contact with Lily who being kind and liking the girl agrees to look after her for her mother on a Sunday.
Ed enjoys having Carla around the house and she gives him new inspiration for his drawing.
Lily finds out what Francessca is really doing on a Sunday and breaks contact breaking Carla's heart in the process.
For quite a few chapters I couldn't think what Carla had to do with the whole story. I soon found out as it moved forward in time.
The very first page tells us that Ed has been stabbed to death so who did it?
Lily and Ed now have a son and are having trouble coping with his behaviour. There is a big secret regarding Lily's brother and why what happened has affected the rest of her life and the choices she makes.
There is so much to this story, so many twists and turns I couldn't put it down. I found Ed to be a spineless individual who's only concern was his art. Lily was unloved and had always felt like that. She made wrong choices which damaged her.
I have read so many reviews which have given away most of the story. I have enjoyed reading it without knowing what was coming and that is the way I'd like you to read it too. Just enjoy.
Thanks to the publisher for a copy of the book in return for an honest review.

Kindle edition only 99p


  1. Goodness, Anne, you must stay up all night reading :) Another unputdownable book. How lovely! When I've finished my twenty books of summer (#20booksofsummer), I'll come back here for some of your recommendations. I'm finally getting to Ahoy for Joy in my list :) That was one you recommended, I know!

  2. Hi Val yes it's been all go with books. I've another review going live tomorrow. I enjoyed Ahoy For a Joy it was a bit different and some parts reminded me of my childhood. It's quite sad.


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