Monday, 18 April 2016

The Night Everything Changed by Laura Tait and Jimmy Rice

Rebecca is the only girl she knows who didn't cry at the end of Titanic. Ben is the only man he knows who did. Rebecca’s untidy but Ben doesn’t mind picking up her pieces. Ben is laid back by Rebecca keeps him on his toes. They're a perfect match.

Nothing can come between them. Or so they think.

When a throwaway comment reveals a secret from the past, their love story is rewritten.

Can they recover from the night that changed everything? And how do you forgive when you can’t forget?

I think this is the first book I've read written by two authors and certainly by a male and a female.
I must say the different chapters merged seamlessly and it worked.
The characters in the story reminded me of the ones from the TV show Friends and I began to like them enormously apart from Avril.            .
Ben and Rebecca meet at the opening night of their friend Jamie's new bar and hit it off straightaway.
They become an item to the delight of Jamie and of Rebecca's best friend Danielle. Months later something is revealed that changes the way Rebecca feels about Ben. It also involves their friends and they are all left feeling awkward around each other. Don't be fooled that this is the night mentioned in the title, read on.
 I felt this part of the story went on for a bit too long and I wanted to shake Rebecca and tell her to get a life. I did become slightly bored with the whole thing. It may be because I'm a lot older than the characters that I lost my patience with them and thought that life is too short to hold a grudge.
Halfway through the book the story picks up again and once again everything changes. I found it hard to put it down. I did shed tears at the end.
I just can't reveal anything else as I want you to get the same surprises that I had.
Lots of people love this book and although I can't say I loved every bit of it I still enjoyed reading it.

The Night Everything Changed  At the moment the paperback is cheaper than the kindle download which is unusual and I'm sure bookshops will have it too.

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  1. Your reviews are just lovely, Anne. I love your honesty and the fact that you keep them positive even if there's something you don't like! A great review of what sounds like an enjoyable book.


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