Monday, 18 April 2016

The Night Everything Changed by Laura Tait and Jimmy Rice

Rebecca is the only girl she knows who didn't cry at the end of Titanic. Ben is the only man he knows who did. Rebecca’s untidy but Ben doesn’t mind picking up her pieces. Ben is laid back by Rebecca keeps him on his toes. They're a perfect match.

Nothing can come between them. Or so they think.

When a throwaway comment reveals a secret from the past, their love story is rewritten.

Can they recover from the night that changed everything? And how do you forgive when you can’t forget?

I think this is the first book I've read written by two authors and certainly by a male and a female.
I must say the different chapters merged seamlessly and it worked.
The characters in the story reminded me of the ones from the TV show Friends and I began to like them enormously apart from Avril.            .
Ben and Rebecca meet at the opening night of their friend Jamie's new bar and hit it off straightaway.
They become an item to the delight of Jamie and of Rebecca's best friend Danielle. Months later something is revealed that changes the way Rebecca feels about Ben. It also involves their friends and they are all left feeling awkward around each other. Don't be fooled that this is the night mentioned in the title, read on.
 I felt this part of the story went on for a bit too long and I wanted to shake Rebecca and tell her to get a life. I did become slightly bored with the whole thing. It may be because I'm a lot older than the characters that I lost my patience with them and thought that life is too short to hold a grudge.
Halfway through the book the story picks up again and once again everything changes. I found it hard to put it down. I did shed tears at the end.
I just can't reveal anything else as I want you to get the same surprises that I had.
Lots of people love this book and although I can't say I loved every bit of it I still enjoyed reading it.

The Night Everything Changed  At the moment the paperback is cheaper than the kindle download which is unusual and I'm sure bookshops will have it too.

Thursday, 7 April 2016

Looking For Lucy by Julie Houston.

Clementine needs to find Lucy before it's all too late. She also knows bringing up a child on your own down on Emerald Street where the street walkers ply their trade isn't easy, even when your daughter's as adorable as four-year-old Allegra. So when Peter Broadbent, wealthy, kind and possessed of the most beautiful house Clementine has ever seen, proposes, it seems almost too good to be true. It is...

This is publication day for the third novel by Julie Houston. The first two were full of laugh out loud humour and although there is humour in this new book the story is a bit more serious.
 How do twins who are brought up together by the same adopted parents turn out so differently from each other ?
Clementine (Clem) is the single mother of a four year old, working and studying for a degree at university.
Lucy is missing after falling into a life of drugs and prostitution. Will Clementine ever see her sister again?
The last thing on Clementine's mind is to start dating again  but when the boring Peter asks her out she feels she has to at least try but what will she do when Peter wants more and offers a better life for her and her daughter. Will she accept or wait for true love that may never come?

We meet Sarah and her story is truly heartbreaking. Conned by the man she loves she has to make the greatest sacrifice a mother can make. The punishment she receives for the misdeeds of someone else follows her through life. Married to the Roger the horrible vicar she gets on with her life bringing up her three children but life may be about to throw her a curved ball.

I truly enjoyed this story. Julie Houston's trademark humour shines through this book from beginning to end. Clementine is such a likable character who is trying to give her daughter the best upbringing she can while putting herself in a position where she can search for her sister but what if Lucy doesn't want to be found. 
Peter is a camp follower ( read the book) and when Clem joins him on a day out the results had me in stitches especially Clem's thought on the other followers.
There are many twists and turns in this story, some very surprising. I loved the new friends that Clem made along with her old friend Izzy they all seemed to slot in well together. I enjoyed their talks around the kitchen table with Clem's amazing food and a glass of wine.
As you would expect all the stories come together seamlessly. 
We learn of love, of loss and of finding love again. We learn that everyone deserves a second chance.
You will laugh and you will cry but you will not be able to put this book down.

Looking For Lucy on Amazon 

Monday, 4 April 2016

The Way We Were by Sinead Moriarty

When Alice's husband Ben dies suddenly, her world falls apart. They shared twenty years and two daughters and life without him is unimaginable.
Having lost her parents while young, Alice understands her girls' pain. At fifteen, Jools is at that awkward age and only Ben could get through to her. And eleven-year-old Holly looks for the answer to everything in books but this time she's drawing a blank. Alice realizes that for their sakes she must summon up superhuman reserves of strength.
Somehow all three of them come through the dark days. In time, it's even possible for Alice to consider marrying again, with the girls' blessing. So when Ben turns up after three years, her world is again turned upside-down. The girls assume that their family can go back to the way they were. Alice is not so sure.
Once more Alice has to find the strength to be the mother her daughters need her to be. But this time what that means is far from clear ...

This book was a bit of a roller coaster ride. Ben came across as a selfish man who although he loved his wife and daughters he also wanted adventure. He thought his job as a surgeon was far more important and exhausting than his wife Alice's job as a GP. Ben never gives it a thought that Alice is perhaps not doing the job that she always dreamt of when she was at university but is a GP because she has a family to look after.
Against Alice's wishes Ben makes a decision to follow his dream and that's when his family implodes.
When he doesn't come home everyone falls apart. His daughters find their own ways of coping and none of it is healthy. Alice is completely devasted and her brother Kevin is the only one who can hold the family together. 
Two years later and just when everyone's lives are finally making sense again Ben returns.

I read this book in one sitting as I could not put it down. The chapters go between how Alice and the girls are coping and what is happening to Ben which is nail biting stuff. Some chapters are told from the youngest daughter Holly's point of view. 
When I first saw the title I immediately thought of the song from the film The Way We Were and I think the lyrics of the song go very well with this book. 
I still can't make my mind up if I'm happy the way things went at the end of the book. I think for the reader it was a bit bittersweet. It was probably the right ending but it could have went either way. 
I'm now maybe giving away too much of the story and while I would love to tell you what happens it's the journey to the ending that's the best so I'll let you read it for yourself.

Saturday, 2 April 2016

Dear Dad by Giselle Green

Handsome, 28-year old, Nate Hardman is a frontline reporter with a big problem. Suffering from shell-shock and unable to leave his house, he’s already lost his social life and his girlfriend. Now his career prospects are sinking fast.

9 year-old Adam Boxley who lives alone with his ageing nan, also has big problems. Neglected at home and bullied at school, he’s desperate to reach out to his dad – and that’s when he sends his first letter to Nate. Only Nate’s not who he thinks he is. Will he help? More importantly – can he?

Across town meanwhile, caring but impulsive teacher Jenna Tierney really wants to help Adam - except the feisty redhead has already had enough of teaching. Recently hurt by yet another cheating boyfriend, Jenna’s now set her sights on pursuing a dream career abroad ... only she’s about to meet Nate - her dream man who’ll make her re-think everything.

The big question is; can three people desperate to find love, ever find happiness when they’re only connected by one big lie?

Just published this is a lovely book by Giselle Green.
 A story of Nat, a man who is no good at his job as a front line reporter as he's suffering from Post Traumatic Stress resulting in agoraphobia.
A story of Jenna, a woman unlucky in love, who has put her all into a relationship with an Italian man and surrounds herself with his large family only to be cheated on and forced to start a new life back in the UK.
It is also the story of Adam, a boy of nine, bullied at school, trying to take care of himself and his nan who has dementia. A boy who desperately needs and wants a father...he chooses Nat.

Oh goodness, this story really got to me. No one listens to Adam at school when he tells them he's being bullied and the reason is, he has no one to stick up for him. He is classed as a neglected child but no one seems to care until Jenna reluctantly takes a temporary job in the school and becomes his teacher.
Nat receives a letter from Adam telling him he knows Nat is his dad and he needs his help.
 I worried about Nat as he tells lies to help the boy and becomes deeper involved with him.
Nat has to overcome his agoraphobia and panic attacks to help Adam and it pushes him so far out of his comfort zone. When we hear about Nat's past we understand why helping Adam means everything to him.
I never quite knew how this book would end and although I wanted to finish it I also didn't want to finish it.
I loved the characters in the story. I knew Nat was a good man. Jenna needed a good man and as for Adam,I wanted to take him home and look after him, even the horrible headmaster redeemed himself in my eyes.
You can always expect a good story when you pick up a book written by Giselle Green and in these times when the world is falling apart it's nice to read a book  that makes you smile a smile of satisfaction at the end.

Dear Dad is out at the moment for kindle I'm sure the paperback will follow.
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The Stolen Child by Jennie Felton

Will anyone believe her baby is gone? When Stella Swift is discovered holding a shard of broken glass near her newborn baby boy, fears...