Wednesday, 3 February 2016

The Miner's Daughter by Jennie Felton

When Annie Day at number four, Fairley Terrace, loses her beloved husband in a tragic mining disaster, she cannot afford the luxury of grief. For now she must find a way to support herself and her two young daughters, Kitty and Lucy, and marriage to widower Algernon Pierce seems to be the answer to Annie's prayers.
For a time, all is well. But beneath her new husband's respectable veneer, lies a darkness which deepens as the years roll by. Annie begins to fear for her daughters' futures, particularly vibrant, headstrong Lucy, whose defiance of Algernon alters the course of their lives for ever...

 This is the second book in the series The Families of Fairley Terrace but as each book focuses on a different family who has lost a loved one in a mining accident  it can be read as a stand alone story.
The book starts in 1897. Annie has lost her beloved husband in the mining accident and her daughters Lucy and Kitty are now without their father. Times are tough for a single mother bringing up children and when Annie can no longer afford to pay rent she is threatened with eviction.
A wealthy widower Algernon offers to marry Annie which she sees it as her only option to survive and agrees.
From the start of this story I hated Algernon with a vengeance. He told others he was a man of god and everything he did was in god's name but he was vile.
Lucy is a lovely character who makes a few mistakes and I willed her on throughout the book.
Annie is trapped in a loveless marriage and I so wanted her to stand up to her husband.
Other characters are introduced who will become important in Lucy's life but telling you about them would give away too much of the storyline.
From the poverty of a mining town in Somerset to the bright lights of London music halls this story definitely had me hooked and once I had read the first few chapters I couldn't put it down.
There are many twists and turns throughout the book which helped keep my interest.
Jennie Felton's wonderful description of life in the early nineteen hundreds brought this story and it's characters to life. I'm eagerly awaiting book number three.
At the end of the book there is the prologue and chapter one of the first book All The Dark Secrets and notes from Jennie on music halls and also a little bit about the other families who live in Fairley Terrace.

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  1. Thanks for a lovely review, Anne! Jennie Felton xx

    1. You're welcome. I also love Amelia Carr's books and would love to read a new one.

  2. Lovely review Anne. It sound like a good read.

  3. This sounds like a really good book, Anne! xx


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