Saturday, 23 January 2016

The Child's Secret by Amanda Brooke.

When eight-year-old Jasmine Peterson goes missing, the police want to know everything.

What is local park ranger, Sam McIntyre, running away from and why did he go out of his way to befriend a young girl?

Why can’t Jasmine’s mother and father stand to be in the same room as each other?

With every passing minute, an unstoppable chain of events hurtles towards a tragic conclusion.

Everyone has secrets. The question is: who will pay the price?

I'm delighted to a stop on the book tour for Amanda's latest book. I have to admit this is the first one of hers I've read but it won't be the last. 

The story begins with Sam who's out running and pushing himself to the limit. As he enters his house he is confronted and questioned by the police who are investigating the disappearance of an eight year old girl called Jasmine. Sam is immediately worried because he has befriended Jasmine and her mother over the past few months. Sam is also a very private person, not willing to give anything away and this and his friendship with the girl make the police suspect him of being involved in her disappearance. 
The story of the past few months then begins to unfold and we find out how his friendship with Jasmine and her mother Laura began.
 Sam was a likeable character I willed him not to shut himself off from anyone who came close to him but he had an unbearable pain deep inside, one that he didn't want to share. Sam's landlady Selina is lovely, she looks after Sam like a mother hen. Selina also has a secret and quite a dark one.
Jasmine's mother and father are having problems and Jasmine is trying as much as an eight year old can to sort them out. Trying to sort those problems is what brings her in touch with Sam and he tries to help her.
That's as much of the story as I want to give away. I found it to be a real page turner as I was so anxious to know if Jasmine and Sam would be okay at the end of the book.
I shed a few tears and that means I have been emotionally involved in the story throughout. What better reason is there for recommending this as a good read?
The publisher did send me an extract from the book but for some unexplained technical reason I found it impossible to copy it on to my post but if you would like to read some of it you can find it here on Laura's Little Book Blog

The Child's Secret for kindle or paperback


  1. A page turner that touches your emotions is the best recommendation you can give, Anne! A lovely review.

  2. Gosh, if it made you cry it has to be a good book Anne. I have one of Amanda's books on my kindle but I haven't got around to starting it yet. I think it may be one of my next reads now.


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