Monday, 4 January 2016

The Books With Wine and Chocolate Virtual Books Award 2015

As is tradition on this blog I present my virtual awards to my best books of 2015.
I have read many good books this past year which makes my choices difficult. I have to stress that the reviews I write and my choices of best books are just that,my opinions and my choices. We all like different things and isn't that good?

So here are my best reads of 2015.


The Dress by Kate Kerrigan
A story told between two eras. Three woman obsessed with a dress.  I cried buckets over this book. my review

The Years Of Loving You by Ella Harper
Ed and Molly should be together but the fates won't allow it. Their life paths go in different directions but what happens when one of them is diagnosed with a life changing illness? I loved this book. The author also writes as Sasha Wagstaff.    my review

Ahoy For Joy by Keith Reilly
A debut novel that probably hasn't been read enough. The story of a teenager growing up during the time of the troubles in Belfast. A very surprising ending that had me in floods of tears. my review



The Last Kiss Goodbye by Tasmina Perry.
Set in 1961 and 2014, a photograph is found in Museum archives and the finder sets out to find the couple who are embracing in the photo. Can she discover the story behind the photograph fifty years on?    my review

The Gori's Daughter by Shazia Hobbs

This is the story of what life was like for a child born of a Pakistani father and a Scottish mother. This book is based on a true story and is set all around Glasgow which is my hometown so I knew exactly where it took place. Sometimes I had to put this book down and read something lighter but I was always drawn back to it waiting for something good to happen to Aisha. It stayed in my head for weeks. my review

No Place For a Lady by Gill Paul

Set in 1854 Dorothea travels with her soldier husband to the battlefields of the Crimean War. This book taught me things about that war I knew nothing about apart from Florence Nightingale who does have a cameo role in the story. Although it is historical fiction it is very easy to read. Tears were shed.
my review


The Skipper's Child by Valerie Poore

Billed as a book for young people but I enjoyed it. Life on a barge in Rotterdam during the time of the cold war between America and Russia. A young boy gets involved in adventure and danger while on board his father's barge. This would make a great family film or even a TV series and we need something the whole family can watch together. Take heed BBC!     my review

Honour and Obey by Carol Hedges

This is the second book in the series of the author's Victorian crime novels. Detectives Stride and Cully solve another case the Victorian way. The descriptions in the book of the sights and smells of old London, the dresses worn by rich and poor and the houses they live in would make this book so easy to turn into a TV series. The first book is called Diamonds and Dust and the third is Death and Dominion but they can all be read independently.     my review

Inside The Crocodile: The Papua New Guinea Journals by Trish Nicholson.

This is a non fiction story of the author's time spent working in Papua New Guinea in the seventies. Trish was a development worker managing personnel in local government offices in out of the way places. Crocodiles, snakes, and tiny planes you need to be brave to fly in. Not forgetting rickety rope bridges and managing politicians. I had a tear at the end when we hear what happens to everyone years later.  This would make a brilliant film and think of the landscapes and views. my review

Cross Stitch by Amanda James.

Last year I said the first book in this series A Stitch in Time should be a film or TV series and I'm saying it again about the sequel. Sarah is a Stitcher who has to go back in time and change something that has went wrong. John is a Needler who finds and manages the stitchers. This book is every bit as good as the first one as we find out more about John and Sarah's families. I'd love to watch this on the big screen.   my review

So there you have it, my ten best books of 2015. I didn't read quite so many in 2015 as real life took over. This year I won't be taking so many requests to review books as I have such a huge pile of books to get through first.
Thank you to Net Galley, Bookbridg, Avon, and Headline for sending me books to review. Thank you the authors who have trusted me to read and review their books, I hope I have done them justice.
I hope you will try at least one of my choices here and let me know if you enjoyed them. Try a genre you've never read before, you might like it.
I'll finish by thanking everyone who reads this blog. If you have time please leave a comment and maybe a link to your own blog and I'll pop along and say hello.
I wish you all a happy and healthy 2016. May the books be with you.x




  1. Thank you so much, Anne. Really chuffed to be amongst such an elite!

    1. You're welcome Carol. Sorry I haven't had time to review your latest, I hope to catch up with myself this year.

  2. Thank you so much for including my Skipper's Child here, Anne. I am so honoured and really really appreciate it. I love this list as there are many I don't know but I'm about to buy Ahoy for Joy. It sounds just up my street. And I am with you completely about Honour and Obey and Inside the Crocodile, both of which I've read and loved too!

    1. Sad to find Ahoy for Joy isn't available on Kindle NL. I'll have to look elsewhere for it, but I'll find it!

    2. OH that's a shame Val. It's on if that's any good?

    3. I found it on the iBookstore :) I've got it! I'm now trying to find Keith Reilly on social media to help him. Do you have his details?

  3. I haven't read any of these books Anne, but then I haven't been on reading form for quite a while now. Hopefully, this year I'll get back into the swing of things and I'll certainly be adding these to my list. I love your categories. Books do have different special qualities and it's always so hard to choose a fav.


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