Monday, 13 April 2015

All The Dark Secrets by Jennie Felton.

 When terrible tragedy strikes at the local colliery, the residents of Fairley Terrace's ten houses suffer more than one loss and, for Maggie Donovan at number six, the world turns upside down. Turning for comfort to the one man she can trust, she finds a sudden and undeniable passion instead. But any future with Josh Withers seems a betrayal of her past, and Maggie realises the only way to survive is to conceal a very dark secret of her own...

One of my favourite authors today is Amelia Carr and I'm pleased to say this is her debut novel writing as Jennie Felton.  She also has books written under the name of Janet Tanner.
I would say if you like the style of Catherine Cookston,Josephine Cox or Katie Flynn then you'll enjoy this book too.
It is a family saga which means more books to come in the series, the next being The Miner's Daughter.

Set in 1895 in a small mining village where everybody is expected to follow in their father's footsteps and work down the mine at a very early age. We learn a little about each family who live in Fairley Terrace. This book is mainly the story of Maggie and the Donovan family. 
Maggie works in a drapery shop and it's expected that she would one day marry and settle down with her boyfriend Jack   but she also wonders if she loves him enough to make that commitment. Jack along with Maggie's dad and her younger brother Billy work in the local mine.
Life is hard for everyone and when disaster strikes it touches them all. 

I liked Maggie from the start of this book. She makes mistakes but manages to make the best of things. My heart went out to her mother who tries to do her best against the odds. No one could like Maggie's father and his treatment of his wife and son. 
I always hate it when a baddie is introduced to a story but we do need them. We meet  Reuben who works in the gent's drapers next door to where Maggie works he fits the baddie mould perfectly and is just the most vile person. I wanted him to go away or fall down a well. I could feel the hairs in my arms standing up every time he appeared. 
This was an easy book to read and I didn't guess the twist until just before it was revealed. It's a long time since I read a book in this genre but I enjoyed it and  will be reading the next book to find out how all the families have moved on. 

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