The Curvy Girls Club by Michele Gorman

The Curvy Girls Club is a hilarious and heart-warming story about learning to love yourself, written by best-selling author Michele Gorman.
Pixie, Ellie, Katie and Jane have been best friends since meeting at Slimming Zone. Tired of being judged by the number of calories they consume, they decide to form a different kind of club. The fun evenings they spend together, not worrying about their size, make them happier than they’ve been for years.

But the club doesn’t stop real life from getting in the way and together the girls have to address some much bigger issues than just their weight…

Published today,The Curvy Girl's Club is the first book I have read by Michele Gorman so I really didn't know what to expect. The book had lots of laughs and some moments that made you stop and think about how we feel about ourselves and how we treat other people.

The four girls meet each week at a slimming club and become firm friends but like many dieters they loose weight and gain it again and become stuck the slimming treadmill.
Pixie decides she's had enough of slimming and likes her curves just as they are. The other girls don't want to stop going to the slimming club as they enjoy each others company. They soon realise they can still meet up but without the pressure of having to eat rabbit food and loose a few pounds.
The Curvy Girl's Club is formed and at first it is only the four of them but word soon gets around and everyone wants to join.  Katie is busy organising theatre trips and cinema trips as well as trying to hold onto a job that wants to let her go.
When one of the girls suddenly starts loosing weight without trying she finds she may no longer be welcome as a Curvy Girl's member.  
Love lives, family lives,weight issues, health issues and friendship problems are all knitted together in this book. A dash of humour, a splash of sentiment and a few tears for good measure and you have a cracking good read.

I felt disappointed in a few of the girls with the lack of support they gave to others who had supported them. I laughed at some of their exploits and I cried when bad things happened to good people.
As the Curvy Girl's Club shows signs of becoming a full time business will the girls stay friends or will making money get in the way? 
If you enjoy Chick Lit whether you're curvy or slim I see no reason why you shouldn't enjoy this book.
We can all relate to having those fat days where nothing fits and the,"Don't give a dam days" where we eat half our body weight in snacks and suffer for it later.  There is so much pressure in the media to stay slim and healthy but mentally it might be better just to be happy with the curves and enjoy life.
I enjoyed reading this book and getting to know each of the characters. A good book either has to make me laugh or cry or make me want a sequel and this book had all three.

I'm going to have a look at the other books by this author as they seem to be lighthearted and we could all do with that kind of book now and then. 
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  1. This sounds like therapy in a book, Anne! I shall add it to my list of TBRs :)

  2. I totally agree that a book has to lift my spirits or I won't continue reading it. This sounds like a fun read.


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