Secrets in the Shadows by Hannah Emery

In 1920s Blackpool, eleven year old Rose wanders away from her parents and has a unique gift bestowed upon her. This gift will leave a haunting legacy, seeping down through the generations…
Decades later, Louisa has a vision of her mother walking into the sea. This isn’t the first time it happens and it won’t be the last, but what she sees isn’t always what she wants. The rest of her life is spent trying to change the future that haunts her.
In present day Blackpool, Grace is going to be married someday. She knows this because she’s seen it; a vision of a white dress, daisies embroidered on the sleeves, the groom by her side, vowing to love her forever. Except the man in her premonition doesn’t belong to her- he belongs to her twin sister, Elsie.
Haunted by what they know and what they are afraid to find out, all three women must make a choice: in the face of certain destiny should you chase the outcome that’s “meant to be”, or throw away fate and choose your own future?

This story is told over three generation of women. A thread of the supernatural runs through the story as the women seemed to be blessed with a second sight. Whether it's a blessing or a curse is still to be seen as each goes down the same road which ends in disaster. One of them has to break the chain and go against what her future shows so that future generations will lead a normal life.

 The three stories are told in such a clever way making them seamless. I didn't want to leave one story and go on to the next as I was so anxious to complete the puzzle of what was going on in the lives of these women. 
Rose and her daughter Louisa's story was heartbreaking and I didn't want it to carry on through to Louisa's girls. I loved seeing the changing face of Blackpool which is somewhere I love.The pier and the fortune teller brought back memories for me as my Blackpool fortune teller told me I would meet the man I would marry there and return with him, it came true.
Grace has a dilemma in that her visions tell her she will marry her sister's fiance. This causes problems in the way that she acts with Elsie and she finds it difficult to be involved in her wedding plans. Grace knows that there is nothing she can do about it because her visions are the future and who can change the future?

I enjoyed reading this and found it hard to believe that it was a debut novel. This is a book I feel I will read again, just in case I missed something the way you do when you want to get to the end fast to find the conclusion and then wish you had read more slowly and made it last.
Many thanks to Hannah Emery for asking me to read her book and providing an e copy for me. I look forward to her next offering,look out for her name.

Hannah Emery is a new Harper Impulse author and loves writing, reading, chatting and watching things like Gossip Girl. She lives in Blackpool with her husband and daughter.


  1. Sounds excellent, Anne. I love period novels, so I'm sure I'd enjoy this!


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