Things We Never Say by Shelia O'flanagan

Abbey Andersen's life in San Francisco is in serious danger of hitting a rut. She's pretty sure it doesn't get worse than being dumped by post-it note, and her current job is hardly the best outlet for her creative talents. Meanwhile in Ireland Fred Fitzpatrick is finding it impossible to keep his grown-up children and their families on side, and they're a demanding lot at the best of times. But when Fred asks solicitor Ryan Gilligan to contact Abbey about a long-buried family secret, things start to change dramatically. And not everyone affected is happy about it...

The book begins in a dramatic way when we meet Dilly who is being verbally and physically abused by another woman fifty five years ago. We are not told why or where she is until much later in the story.
We then meet Abbey who lives in San Francisco and working as a nail technician, a very talented one. Abbey's boyfriend ups and leaves her without repaying borrowed money and leaving other debts behind for her to pay.
 Ryan Gilligan a solicitor from Ireland  visits San Francisco with interesting news for Abbey, a family she never knew existed. He is really looking for her mother who's whereabouts is surrounded in mystery as Abbey doesn't want to reveal where she is.

The Fitzpatrick family in Ireland, rich and so greedy they all want as much money as they can lay their hands on. What happens Their father's will is read and things don't go to plan? What if the money wasn't left to those who expected it?

I loved Abbey, but I hated the way she didn't realise just how talented she was. All she wanted was to meet the unknown part of her family but something traumatic happens that throws it all into disarray and she finds herself hated by those around her.
We find out where her mother is and all the theories I had in my head about her were very wrong and I was so surprised at where her story takes us.
At first I didn't like any of the Fitzpatrick family except Suzanne who was estranged from them. The two sons and their wives were very unlikeable until near the end when I started to see the wives in a different light.
What I enjoyed about this book was I never quite knew what was going to happen next. I think Shelia O'Flanigan is a very clever writer to keep me guessing so much.
Families, greed, deception, secrets and a touch of romance, all I would ask for in a story.

Things We Never Say
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