The Memory of You by Laurie Kellogg

 She can’t forget him—He can’t remember her Together, they must discover the healing power of unforgettable love The day Lieutenant Matthew Foster departed for his so-called ‘tour’ in Vietnam, he never expected a sudden change in his itinerary would include an extended stay in the horrific Hanoi Hilton. Six years later, he’s finally released with the other POWs during Operation Homecoming. Unfortunately, his memories before his capture were erased by the complimentary torture provided by the hotel’s concierge. Due to prior facial injuries and the beard concealing his gauntness, he looks nothing like the boyish photo in his military file. When the Army informs Matt he has a wife and he was mistakenly declared dead, he’s sure Abby must have made a new life for herself. He doubts the bitter man he’s become can salvage the boy she once cared for, so to be fair to her, he decides to simply write a note to wish her well and leave. But before he does, he can’t resist going to Redemption, PA, to catch a glimpse of the woman he’d loved enough to marry. The irony of the small town’s name is totally eclipsed by Matt’s dread that he’ll discover he’s lost something truly worth remembering. That fear becomes reality when he learns Abby is engaged, and he’s a daddy! Luckily, his wife doesn’t recognize him, so Matt could still walk away from the beautiful stranger who’s been starring in his X-rated dreams. However, he could never, ever abandon his sons. The clock is ticking. Any day, the military will inform Abby he’s alive, and her wedding is in only six weeks. It doesn’t give Matt much time to discover if he can reclaim the love the war stole from him.

The first thing I have to say is I don't think the cover of this book does any justice to the story. The blurb above which can be read on all book sites really says it all and doesn't leave much for me to tell unless I give away the ending of the story.
You have to suspend your disbelief a bit in this book. You have to believe that Abby is so trusting that she would let a complete stranger into her house and leave her precious son with him.. A stranger who is thin,strange looking and is evasive about who he is.  You have to believe that she never notices how quickly he is becoming attached to her son and how he is trying to shape the boy's life.

  After saying all that I did enjoy the book apart from the sex scenes which I thought were unnecessary but that's just my opinion.
 I liked Matt, what he went through at the hands of his captives was horrific. When he is released he has no memory of his wife or any part of his life. He has to be told by the army who he is,but Matt isn't the same man who left for Vietnam, it has changed him forever.
When he tracks his wife down he finds that she has moved on with life and is about to be married. Abby will hear from the army soon that Matt is still alive so he has only a short time to discover if  she could love the man he now is and if he loves her.

Abby is likable too. She is still grieving for her husband but she knows it's time to move on with her life. She meets Mac/Matt, a war veteran and hires him to paint her house. Why is she strangely drawn to him, and why is he so interested in her life,her fiance and her son?

This is prequel of a series of books set in a town named Redemption.


  1. I love your fair and honest reviews, Anne. this book sounds intriguing even though I probably wouldn't like the sex scenes either :)


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