Finding You by Giselle Green

Julia and Charlie are ecstatic to be reunited with their stolen child, Hadyn. A year after he was snatched from a beach in Spain during a family holiday, they had feared that he would never be found alive.

Now the couple are eager for their lives to return to normal – but something is very wrong. Hadyn is still in many ways a ‘lost’ child. He seems to have been badly affected by the abduction, making it impossible for the family to simply pick up the pieces and move on.

In their efforts to unravel exactly what happened to their son and to find a cure, Julia and Charlie clash as to the best way forward. As their own insecurities surface, their relationship comes under threat - a situation not helped by the appearance of a former lover who is only too happy to rock the boat.

As dark secrets are uncovered, the couple’s love for each other is tested to its very limits, and they begin to doubt that they will ever be able to help their troubled little boy...
Until, at last, they stumble across an unexpected truth. A truth that might be the only thing left that could save their family.

Julia and Charlie's son Hadyn  has been missing for a year. He is two and a half when he is found and returned to them. Julia never stopped searching for him and it caused so much stress between her and Charlie that they parted for a while.
Julia feels something is just not right with her son,she thinks he may be missing the woman he was living with but Charlie will not listen to her, he thinks Hadyn just needs time to adjust and he will soon forget the year he wasn't with them. Julie knows she has missed some of her child's milestones but he doesn't seem to remember her or his dad. All Julia wants to do is cuddle her child but Hadyn  is unresponsive.
The abduction took place in Spain when Julia and Charlie were staying with Charlie's family and after finding their child they had to wait in Spain until the authorities had closed the abduction case.

I felt extremely sorry for Julia, she was so alone in her thoughts, getting no help from Charlie's family in fact I felt as though there was a conspiracy against her and that someone knew why or how Hayden had been abducted.
Charlie's Spanish ex girlfriend wanted him back in her life and was laying seeds of doubt in Julia's mind as to what went on during her separation from Charlie.

I enjoyed this book although it tugged at the heartstrings. I think we all wonder what happens when a taken child is returned to his or her parents. What happens behind closed doors when the fuss has died down and do the children settle or do they miss their captives? Is it all happy ever after,or do problems lie ahead?
The story is told from both Julia and Charlie's point of view and I found myself wishing they could each know what the other was thinking and feeling.

I read this as a stand alone book although it is a sequel to Little Miracles which is the story of Haydn being taken. I now want to read the first book as I'm interested in what the relationship between Julia and Charlie was like before their son disappeared. In Finding You they seemed to be treading on eggshells with each other. Throughout the book I was very suspicious of Charlie's Spanish family so I want to go back and find out if I was right.
There is a heart stopping moment near the end of the book when Julia follows what her heart is telling her even although heartbreak could lie ahead.

In my opinion I would read Little Miracles first. It can be downloaded for kindle for £1.49

Finding You, Amazon uk     Both books also out in paperback.

I want to thank the author Giselle Green for providing a download of this book in return for an honest review.

About the author
Giselle Green was born in the UK but grew up in Gibraltar, where she has extensive family. Her debut novel, Pandora's Box, won the Romantic Novelists' Association New Writer's Award in 2008. Her third novel, A Sister's Gift, went to number one on the Amazon Kindle chart in 2012. She lives in Kent with her husband and their six sons.


  1. Thank you so much for reading and reviewing, Anne, I appreciate it and I'm really glad you enjoyed it! Hope you enjoy Little Miracles too xx

  2. Thanks Giselle for letting me review it for you.

  3. This sounds very intense and gripping. The coincidence is I've just finished Anita Dawes' very good Secrets which is also about something that happens to a small boy! I will see if I can read this pair when I have time too! You make it sound very compelling.

  4. Yes I read your review it sounds good but at the moment I've over committed myself with books and reviews and I'm struggling for time . I would read the first book first. I spoke to the author about a feeling I had during the book that I had no answer for and she said reading the first book would explain it. Thanks again Val for taking the time to read my reviews.


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