Monday, 10 March 2014

Bolder and Wiser by Sarah Dale

Hit 50 yet? Sarah Dale is about to. This impending event set her wondering about successful ageing, what life looks like for women who have been there and done that, and what adventures are to be had on the other side of 50.

In this fascinating and celebratory book, Sarah talks to 20 inspiring women who have not only made it past 50, but are happy to be there.

These open and honest conversations, punctuated by Sarah's observations about her own journey, reflect on friendship, work, health, creativity, marriage, motherhood, money - and whether you should stop dyeing your hair.

Sarah Dale is a chartered psychologist and accredited coach. She devised the Creating Focus programme and is the author of Keeping Your Spirits Up. She was born in 1964...

You won't be able to read this book without reflecting on your own life and comparing it to the women featured in the book. I must be truthful and say that I didn't take to this book at first, I read some of it then put it down. A week later I picked it up again and this time I began to enjoy it. 
The women interviewed by Sarah were all ages over sixty and the majority of them have all done well in their lives. Some are still working and some are doing voluntary work. They were all asked the same questions which were followed by discussions with Sarah.
We read that some women had a hard start in life especially during and just after the war when money was short. They tell us how they adjusted to being older and having to find a new purpose in their lives with family grown up, or being widowed. 

It was interesting reading what the women thought about housework, cooking, raising families etc. We also find out what is important and what is not. These are women who speak from experience of life.
Each milestone you reach in life is scary, from the young woman leaving her twenties to the older woman leaving her sixties. This book will put everyone's mind at ease that we are not going to suddenly change as we age and become, "old women." In our heads we are forever young. None of the women interviewed came across as being old and they all had something interesting to say.

We are challenged by Sarah at the end of her book To buy ourselves a lovely notebook and ask ourselves or older people in our lives," What matters and what doesn't" and mull over what we hear.
A few of the other questions are...

* What's the best and worst thing about getting older?
* Did you have any role models or mentors?
* Has life since you turned fifty been how you expected it to be, and in what ways (or not)? 
Author, Sarah Dale

My first comment on this book was," You won't be able to read this book without reflecting on your own life and comparing it to the women featured in the book"
I stand by that. I am now thinking a lot of where I have been in life and as I approach my sixties (3yrs) and where the rest of my life is taking me. I have to thank Sarah for making me think.
I have the lovely notebook and I'm going to write down the answers to all Sarah questions, maybe one day my daughter will read it and make her feel better about growing older.
This book is a great celebration of the older woman and released just as we're celebrating International Woman's Day.

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  1. Sounds like a book to reflect on friends of our age too, not just ourselves. I am daily reminded about how important it is to live every day as if there will be no tomorrow. When I hear of dear friends getting ill and worse, it hits home that I need to make the most of life now! I might well download this one as it's on Kindle. Thanks Anne!

    1. Yes indeed Val. this book really makes you think.

  2. Anne, I have Bolder and Wiser to read and I can't wait to ask myself those questions ... and of course I love notebooks too :)

    A great review!

    Thank you for hosting on tour today.

  3. I have a few years to go before I'm 50, although the way time is flying I'll probably be there before I know it! To me though, it sounds like a book women of most ages could enjoy x

    1. Oh you're just a young thing then! Yes it's a book that makes you think about your life.

  4. It's always good when a book makes you think, thanks for the giveaway. Hope your enjoying the sun!


  5. Thanks Lainy. We might have some sun today but it's freezing.


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