Author in The Spotlight and New Book Cover Reveal for Harbour Ways by Valerie Poore

Published on 18th February

Today I'm revealing the cover of Harbour Ways,Valerie Poore's sequel to Watery Ways.
Watery Ways is the story of Val's big move from South Africa to Rotterdam where she decided to rent a barge and change her life. Val loved the lifestyle so much that she eventually buys her own barge The Vereeniging and Harbour Ways is the story of how she restored it.

I enjoyed Watery Ways and reviewed it here

Val's books are not just about barges, they're about people and the life centering around the Oude Haven in Rotterdam. We are promised in her new book Harbour Ways more about some of the people we got to know and love in Watery ways such as Angelique  and Koos. I'm sure there will be just as many laughs in this book as Val finds her way through the complicated process of restoring an old barge.

Valerie Poore's books are never dull. She has a flair for comedy and shows this in bucketfuls in her fiction book, How to Breed Sheep,Geese and English Eccentrics my review 
my review is  here

Val writes about another life changing event in  her book   African Ways 
She emigrated to South Africa with her husband and two small children. They had no idea where they would live or if they could handle the primitive African lifestyle,this is her story.
My review is here

Val has also written a children's book called The Skipper's Child
The fiction story is based on the childhood memories of her partner Koos. This book is one of the finalists
in The Wishing Shelf Independent Book Awards in the teenage section. Fingers crossed for a win.

Valerie Poore

Valerie is an Indie author who is lives and works in Rotterdam where she teaches English for business and academic purposes. She stills loves her barging  and writing. 
Harbours Ways is her latest book which will be published on 18th February and if you click on any of the highlighted names of her other books it will take you to Amazon where for less than the price of a fancy coffee you can download her books and read something a little bit different.

Here are some of the lovey views that Val sees everyday.
The washing still has to be done even on a barge

Val, steering her barge.
You can find Val on her blog Watery Ways
or her facebook page Valerie Poor Barging About as an Author
Or tweet her at  @valleypee
and keep up to date with her book launch.


  1. You have no idea how deeply touched I am by this, Anne. THANK you! If you were within reach, I'd hug you!

    1. You're welcome! I want others to read and enjoy your books the way I have.

  2. What an excellent article! Val is my favourite person who lives on a barge in Rotterdam (ha ha!) and I adored Watery Ways - as she knows! I'm very much looking forward to Harbour Ways

  3. Excellent. I too am looking forward to Harbour Ways.

  4. Hi Anne,
    I like your blog! A really nice Author Spotlight, just became a new follower.

    Happy reading,

  5. Thanks Myra,I'll pop over and read yours too.

  6. Oh joy, two friends in one place! And a great interview - well done, both.

  7. What a lovely post Anne.

    Thank you for linking #TalkoftheTown


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