Tabby & Kat by Amanda Egan

                                                       - ROOM TO RENT -

                                                         Fifteen minutes from here
                                                         in large, airy house with garden.
                                                         Mad enough to share with
                                                         fun loving party animals?
                                                        (1 male, 1 female, 1 parrot)
                                                       Things are changing for Tabby and Adam.
                                                       With their friend Polly leaving the ‘Thunky Three’,
                                                       who will fill the void in their cosy house share?

                                                       Enter … Kat... and a whole heap of trouble.

Usually when I download a book to my kindle I will read the opening page just to see how much the story will draw me in. Sometimes it's a few days,weeks or months before I return to read the book and occasionally I don't stop reading it until the end. This is what happened with Tabby & Kat I couldn't put it down.
 Adam and Polly were great housemates but Polly was leaving and it all had to come to an end. Just how to do you find the perfect person to share with? How do you know if you've made the right choice? Tabby and Adam soon find out that their choice in a housemate would change everything they ever thought about themselves and push their friendship to the limits.
Along with the humour there is an aura of danger in this book as I feared for Polly's sanity and indeed her life which kept me turning the page and not wanting to put it down.

 I loved the main character Tabby and her dysfunctional family back home, they were all so lovely especially her grandmother.
Everyone should have a Timothy in their lives, he always managed to say just the right thing at the right time. He had me laughing out loud and brought tears to my eyes, but I'm not telling you why.
The only person in the book I would not want to know is Kat and perhaps we have all met someone at sometime who is slightly like her. 
This is one of those books where I really don't want to tell you any more about the plot because it gave me one surprise after another and I want the same to happen to everyone who reads it.
I will say that it was refreshing to have Adams adult brother James who has learning difficulties as part of the story. He was perhaps the most sensible of them all as he said things just how they appeared to him, straight to the point. His part was written very sensitively by the author where she showed us the caring, happy young man first before the disability.
If I had read this book before the end of the year it would have been in my books award post. Loved it!
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  1. Yes, a lovely review and it makes me want to download it too! the trouble is I have too many books to read at the moment and I shouldn't be reading at all as I have too much work to do, but I'll come back to it, I'm sure!

  2. Sounds like another good read you've found for us here.


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