The Book of Bedtime Stories and The New Granny's Survival Guide

This beautiful children's book contains ten stories written by users of the online websites Gransnet and Mumsnet. They were picked by the wonderful children's writer Michael Rosen from entries submitted to a competition on both websites. I entered a story of my own and unfortunately wasn't chosen as a winner but I did win a copy of this book in another competition on Gransnet.
The stories are all very well written and different stories will appear to different ages. I have been reading some of them to a three year old .
He enjoyed,Time For Bed, about a toddler who didn't want to go to bed then realised he was tired after all, he could relate to that. When Polly Jumped Over The Moon was another favourite about a little calf who hears children singing the nursery rhyme about the cow jumping over the moon and she wants to do it too,so sweet.
My favourites and maybe more suitable to the over fives were, The Dancing Bear and Celeste Who Sang To The Stars. This is a special book that I keep on the shelf and bring it down when we're reading it together, my toddler treats it very carefully as he knows it's different from his other everyday books.
The book is a bit special, it is a hardback and  has a glossy dustcover with the illustration of the child in bed. Take off the dustcover and the book is festooned with stars and moons, a good start to a story at bedtime.

As well as the stories being written by mums and grans the illustrations inside are all drawn by up and coming children's illustrators.
The competition was wonderful idea which the two websites are repeating again, this time with  animal stories, who knows maybe I'll be luckier, better get the old brainwaves working.
A great gift for the little darlings in your life.
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 Gransnet have also published " The New Granny's Survival Guide" While some new grans might prefer to learn on the job there will be many who wish they had some advice from those who have "been there,done that!" This is the book you've been waiting for,Granset searched their forums for all the words of wisdom from grans who have encountered all kinds of problems, from being expected to provide full time childcare and if you don't feel you can, how to politely say no, to knowing how to protect older children online.
What do you do if you don't agree with the parent's disciplining of your grandchild? Do you say something or keep quite. How do you cope with the tantrums of the terrible twos? or the strops of a teenage grandchild,( I have that one still to look forward to.)
Grans are all so different these days,we're so much younger,still have jobs,still enjoy holidays but all want to be the best grans we can be.
You can read experiences of other grans, some might even relate to yourself. A book you can keep handy and refer to if you need the point of view from someone else.
Another winner from Gransnet.

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Gransnet website can be found here
Mumsnet website can be found here


  1. This bedtime book sounds like one for me and the GD to enjoy. Thanks for flagging it up, Anne.

  2. The Granny's book sounds just lovely! In fact both books do. Wishing I had grandchildren to read to!

    1. If we lived nearer you could borrow mine.

  3. Replies
    1. Very cheeky way of spamming, Mira Nalini.


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