I'm Virtually Yours by Jennifer Bohnet

Polly Jones is taken aback when a new client asks her to investigate the Robertson family business in Devon, after all, a ‘virtual assistant’ doesn’t usually leave their home office! But she needs the work – and less proximity to an endless supply of tea and biscuits can only be a good thing right? So she sets off, with energetic puppy Rosie close by her side.
Polly’s new job isn’t quite in her comfort zone… Arriving in the small fishing village where everyone knows everyone’s business, any upsides (all those yummy scones and clotted cream) of course have their downside - she’s completely forgotten to pack her sea legs, and the temptingly handsome Will Robertson is making her job difficult at every turn.
It’s so much easier to keep things strictly professional in the virtual world – but with no e-mail to hide behind Polly must admit that Will’s smile is incredibly, deliciously distracting…

I had this novella down on my list to review in January but I was looking for a quick read and I decided to read it. I' m so glad I did, I read it in one sitting and really enjoyed it.
Polly is setting out on her own as a Virtual Assistant which I had never heard of before but it sounds like an ideal job,working from home,doing something a bit different everyday. The job sounded even better to me when she receives an email asking her to go to Devon to check out a boatyard for someone who is thinking of investing in it but he wants to remain anonymous to the owners.
When Polly arrives and she walks into a business that is about to go bust but as she gets to know the boatyard owners just what will she put in her report. Intrigue and flirtation and beautiful Devon all make this story very readable. Although this was a novella I thought the story was very rounded and did not leave anything out although maybe there is a case for a sequel just to find out what Polly is doing now.
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My thanks go to the author for a download of this book.

Jennifer Bohnet has written many books. I have read and enjoyed  French Legacy 
Earlier this year she published a novel which I haven't  read but I love the synopsis.

SHADOWS of CONFLICT tells the stories of Katie and her god-mother Mattie. When Katie, redundant from her media job, accepts Mattie's offer SHADOWS of CONFLICT - Jennifer Bohnetto take over her shop, A Good Yarn, in Dartmouth, she expects her life to be busy and unexciting. But with an American film crew in town intent on uncovering buried secrets from World War II, a disgruntled relative, and Mattie herself still refusing to face up to the lingering shadows of an unhappy childhood, life is neither simple nor quiet. When Patrick, her ex-boss, offers the chance of her dream media job Katie has to decide whether accepting it is worth turning her back on everything and everyone in Dartmouth - including Leo, a friend from the past who plans to be a part of her future. Will Katie make the right decision? And as the Americans uncover a secret from her past, will Mattie shake off a lifetime of regrets and shadows from the past to finally find happiness with Henri, her new ami?
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  1. Ooh, I must download 'I'm virtually yours', Anne. Boatyards in Devon are just up my street, or should I say hill - as it's Devon :-) I need some fun reading after all these studies!


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