This Fragile Life by Kate Hewitt

You love your best friend. You trust her with your life. But could you give her the most precious gift of all? Alex’s life is a mess. She’s barely holding down a job, only just affording her apartment, and can’t remember when she was last in a relationship. An unexpected pregnancy is the last thing she needs. Martha’s life is on track. She’s got the high flying career, the gorgeous home and the loving husband. But one big thing is missing. Five rounds of IVF and still no baby. The solution seems simple. Alex knows that Martha can give her child everything that she can’t provide. But Martha’s world may not be as perfect as it seems, and letting go isn’t as easy as Alex expected it to be. Now they face a decision that could shatter their friendship forever. Provocative. Emotional. Affecting. Share This Fragile Life with your best friend.

This book was like a ride on an emotional rollarcoaster. It begins when we hear of the friendship between Martha and Alex, an unlikely friendship as they are opposites of each other in every way possible and yet it seems to work for them.
Alex is  pregnant and contemplating a termination and Martha has been trying for years unsuccessfully to have a baby. She suggests to Alex,without consulting her husband Rob first,that she might adopt the baby and they could experience the pregnancy together.
Sounds like a recipe for disaster? Well you're right and I don't want to give the main plot of the story away but Martha doesn't just have to contend with the thought that Alex might change her mind ,there's more to it than that.
The day they discussed that Martha might adopt Alex's baby changed their lives forever and also the life of Martha's husband Robb.
The story is told from each person's point of view and this made it more interesting as it gave a more rounded picture.
I liked the character of Alex from the start and willed her to want to keep her baby. It took longer to like Martha, she seemed controlling to me but I think it was just her persona to the outside world as she was hiding her heartbreak of being childless. Liking her didn't last long either, I was thinking of a baby living in her perfect house with all her expectations and bottled up emotions.  I also didn't agree on the amazing thing that Alex did for her nearing the end of the book.
You will cry when you read this and there's not many laughs it's a very sensitive subject so read it if you feel like a good cry.
Thanks to the publishers for a kindle copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.


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