The Sassy Belles By Beth Albright

Meet the Sassy Belles. They’re strong as a mint juleps, sweet as peach cobbler, and no matter what, they stick together. There are only two seasons in Tuscaloosa—football and waiting-for-football. When Lewis Heart, football announcer and voice of the Crimson Tide, vanishes after an impromptu romp with Vivi Anne McFadden at the Fountain Mist Motel, Vivi does what any Southern woman would do: calls her best friend, Blake O’Hara Heart, attorney-at-law. With the town gossip swirling around them, Vivi and Blake are determined to find out what happened to Lewis and clear Vivi’s reputation. Because after all, men may come and go, but the Sassy Belles are forever. Not since Steel Magnolias have we fallen in love with such sexy, strong and hilarious Southern women. So grab your best girlfriends and join these Belles on the first of many joyrides through the Deep South.... Sexy Southern fun...with a hint of magnolia!

The book has a colourful summer cover and I thought it looked just right for a summer read. This is a debut novel by Beth Albright and is the first book in a series. Beth is from Alabama and this is where she choose to set her story.
The story begins with Vivi's best friend's husband (a lawyer)  receiving a phone call from her saying that his brother (Lewis) with whom she has just spent some time in a hotel bedroom is dead and she killed him. Why she didn't call an ambulance or even motel reception is a bit beyond me. When Harry receives the call about his estranged brother does he call for help? No, he calls his wife and they all arrange to meet at "mothers" house to discuss what to do.
Most of the book tells us in flashbacks the background stories of all the characters but I think that must be because there are a few more books to come.
Lewis is not dead, he is missing and although Vivi says she loves him she never seems too upset and is more concerned about herself. I began to think they had all forgotten that the poor man was missing.
Blake is unhappy in her marriage to Harry, but her childhood sweetheart (who never stopped loving her)  is now a detective heading the investigation into Lewis's disappearance and she is drawn towards him again.
I liked Meridee who is Blake's grandmother, her house is the place everyone goes to when they need help or just to escape from the pressures of life. I would have liked to have read more about her and not just in the last few chapters. She was a strong southern woman with a mind of her own.
What kept me reading this was the descriptions of southern life, the beauty pageants, football and wrap around porches are all put together with a wonderful southern drawl as they call each other, "y'all!"
The way that it's okay to criticise someone as long as you add,"Bless her " at the end. I heard their voices long after I had stopped reading. The sassy belles are women who stick together no matter what and always have each other's back.
I didn't understand the reasoning of why Lewis disappeared and I did feel it could have been explained a bit better but apart from that the book did have a good ending.
There is a lot of humour in this book and I would say it  is good for a quick, light, fun  summer read just don't expect anything too deep.
I have just started reading the second book in the series, Wedding Belles which will be released soon and I'm hoping for more story and less background,so y'all come back here real soon and I'll let y'all know if I enjoyed it.
I found this trailer for the book, it's very good.

I give The Sassy Bells three stars
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Thanks goes to the publisher who provided me with a copy of the book in exchange for a honest review.


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