Storms Clouds Gathering By Pauline Barclay

Storm clouds are gathering, silently and slowly, too far away to worry about. Or so it seems. But ignoring what is brewing will have dire consequences for the people caught up in the maelstrom.

Shirley Burton is too busy cheating on her husband, having a laugh and looking for fun to alleviate the boredom of her childless marriage. Kathleen Mitchell is too wrapped up in running around after her beautiful family to worry about her health. Anne Simpson has two things on her mind: her forthcoming marriage to Paul Betham, who seems to want to control her, and her career, which she does not want to give up.

Can Shirley really expect to deceive her husband and get away with it? Can Kathleen hold it all together, and is Anne able to have the best of everything?

Storm Clouds Gathering is a story of human emotion, passion and heart-rendering grief. Set against the backdrop of the mid-sixties, these three families will be tested to the limit as betrayal, loss and love threaten to change their lives forever.

This is Pauline's latest and best book. It is written in a slightly different style from her other books and reminded me of Catherine Cookson. Set in the sixties (my childhood) it brought many memories back for me of how simple life used to be before mobile phones and computers.Having to go to a phone box or using a neighbour's phone and leaving money for the call,all things alien to young people of today.
One of the characters, Anne Simpson was particularly special for me as that was my name before I married and it was so strange seeing it in print,thank goodness I liked her.
This story has laughter, tragedy, adultery and hardship, all you need for a good read.
It is the story of three women,two who are connected and a third who will be. One who won't listen to friendly advice and suffers the consequences and another who doesn't really know the man she wants to spend the rest of her life with. The third woman puts her family before herself and what happens could be a warning to us all.
I liked the three women in the story, I cared what happened to them and that is what I look for in a book,something that makes me want to pick it up and read as much as I can before household chores beckon. Women were definitely the strongest sex in Pauline's story with the men coming second. As well as liking characters Pauline did change my mind during the book as a few I disliked I ended up actually liking or at least realising what made them the way they were.
A cracking good read and as the storm clouds gathered again for a least one of the women at the end of the story I'm left wondering if Pauline maybe has a sequel planned,but then I always want more of a good story.
Storm Clouds Gathering is a five star read.

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