Eloise by Judy Finnigan

The Blurb (from Amazon) 

She was a daughter, a wife, a mother. She was my friend. But what secrets did Eloise take to her grave?
After her best friend Eloise dies from breast cancer, Cathy is devastated. But then Cathy begins to have disturbing dreams that imply Eloise's death was not all it seems.
With a history of depression, Cathy is only just recovering from a nervous breakdown and her husband Chris, a psychiatrist, is acutely aware of his wife's mental frailty. When Cathy tells Chris of her suspicions about Eloise's death, as well as her ability to sense Eloise's spirit, Chris thinks she is losing her grip on reality once again.
Stung by her husband's scepticism, Cathy decides to explore Eloise's mysterious past, putting herself in danger as she finds herself drawn ever deeper into her friend's great - and tragic - secret.

Did I like it?

Quite a few people sighed when I said I had bought this book, "Not another celebrity bringing out a book they've written in five minutes." I knew that Judy had taken a long time writing this and she was passionate about her writing so I bought it anyway. Judy believes in life after death and this is something I have been discussing on my writing blog and it has made believe even more that there is something more out there.

I liked the main character, Cathy, she was devastated by the death of her friend although it was expected it was not expected to happen quite so soon or so suddenly.
Cathy's husband, Chris is a very unlikable man, he controls his wife, one minute sympathising and the next threatening divorce, but Cathy can't ignore the voice of her dead friend telling her she has to save her two children.
 I wanted Cathy to be stronger and ditch the horrible husband. The way his temperament changed so dramatically towards the end end of the book had me thinking he needed to visit a psychiatrist himself.
We meet Cathy and Chris's two teenage children as well as Ted, Eloise's husband, who had appeared to all to be an okay guy until the death of his wife.
 Juliana, mother of Eloise is slightly mysterious and looks to have secrets of her own.

Not only does Cathy hear the voice of Eloise, she also haunts her dreams making Cathy and her husband think she's having a breakdown again but when someone else sees Eloise too Cathy knows she has to help her departed friend.
I enjoyed reading this book, the descriptions of the Cornish coast were quite poetic at times and the story flowed well. Secrets were revealed that you never would have guessed and I love a good secret in a book.
Judy has done well with her first novel and I look forward to reading the next one.
**** for Eloise 
Eloise can be bought from any bookstore or
from Amazon for kindle here
At the moment the paperback on Amazon is cheaper than the kindle version.


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