Daisy's Secret by Freda Lightfoot

The blurb (from Amazon)
Can helping evacuees make up for losing her own child?

‘Don’t think for a minute that you can carry on as if nothing had happened. Not after behaving so shamefully. We’re done with you now, Daisy Atkins. You’re no longer any daughter of mine.’

Abandoned by her sweetheart and rejected by her family, Daisy feels she has no choice but to agree to being evacuated to the Lakes at the start of the war. Still grieving for the baby boy she was forced to give up for adoption, she agrees that he will be her secret - a precious memory but spoken of to no one.

She seeks consolation by taking under her wing two frightened little girls. Together they suffer the hardship and insecurity of poor billets until finally settling at Lane End Farm near Keswick, the home of her Aunt Florrie, where she collects a few other lost souls in need of a sympathetic ear.

When she meets Harry Driscoll, a young airman, Daisy hopes to have a second chance at love; little does she know that her secret is about to come back to haunt her.

Did I like it? 
With the author being Freda Lightfoot what's not to like? I was looking on my kindle for a book I could be drawn into straightaway and when I saw this one I knew it would fit the bill.
Part of the story is as above about Daisy and is set during WW2 it goes between her story and that of her granddaughter Laura who inherits Daisy's farmhouse after she dies. Laura has an overbearing husband and father to contend with as well as trying to find out as much as she can about her grandmother's life.
I loved both parts of the story both and felt quite sad that grandmother and granddaughter had never really shared any of their lives with each other.
I raced through this book as it was a really easy read, my only criticism would be Laura's love interest being the farmer who lived next door, I'm not giving anyuthing way as the attraction between them was so instant and I can't imagine someone escaping from one long relationship from her husband straight into the arms of another man.
Daisy's secret is revealed at the end but the book did finish suddenly and I found myself reading the bonus chapter of the author's next book at the end thinking it was part of the story. Once again I feel sometimes authors end their book in a rush.
However I loved this book and I'm giving it ****.
Daisy's Secret is on Amazon  for kindle priced £1:96


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