Jigsaw Pieces By Carol Hedges


   What's it about ? (from Amazon)
He had been part of my everyday life. I hadn’t liked him much, nobody had liked him much, but he’d been there. Now, I’d never see him again.’

Annie Skjaerstad had been searching for her identity since being uprooted from her native country of Norway. With a spiky personality winning her no friends, and family members suddenly torn out of her life, she is left seeking comfort from a growing intrigue into the stories of fallen war heroes.

But one day, a boy from her school unexpectedly commits suicide, changing things forever. Confused by the tragic tale of someone she knew, Annie soon finds herself conducting her own investigation into his death.

What she uncovers will bring her to a dark and dangerous place, as suddenly – her own life is put at risk.

A tense, coming of age crime thriller by the author of ‘Dead Man Talking’.

Did I like it?
It's been a long time since I have read any young adult fiction,I always enjoyed reading my daughter's books when she was a teenager so when I started talking to Carol on facebook I decided to give her book a go.
At the beginning of the book I didn't really like the main character, Annie, she didn't do anything to endear herself to me. There are a few plots in this book, the suicide of a classmate, Annie turning detective, her relationship with those around her and Annie's work experience in a care home.
It was Annie's relationship with an elderly gentleman which finally made me warm to her as it brought out her more softer side. I loved the story of the WW1 poet and it  had me googling his name, hmm! please don't laugh Carol.     
This was a cracking good read even for an oldie like me, it had me gripped as I wondered exactly what Annie and her classmate Lee would find and if they would become more than friends. The author obviously knows how teenagers act and think and some of the story reminded me of my school days when we all thought we could handle things by ourselves without involving adults.
Annie being estranged from her father who lived in Norway added to her feeling of not fitting in but in the end I suspected that she didn't want to.
 I loved the ending and it calls out for a sequel...so Ms Hedges, what happens next?

Carol Hedges is also the author of the Spy Girl Series for YA, I know my daughter would have loved her books as a teenager.
I give Jigsaw Pieces *****
You can find Carol's entertaining blog at Carol Hedges
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