Monday, 24 September 2012

Over The Hill And Far Away By Jo Carroll

What's it about? (from Amazon)
There must be something between the retirement party and buying a zimmer frame. JO CARROLL decided this was the time to revive her teenage dreams and go round the world. So she packed her rucksack, a round-the-world ticket, and a notebook. Not prepared, then, for being marooned on a beach in Australia with the tide rising and nothing but cliffs behind her; nor negotiating with a gunman who wanted to marry her in Lucknow. Let’s not think about the snakes and leeches in the jungles of Malaysia.

But could anything have prepared her for the drama that brought her home? Nor the kindness of strangers who kept her safe at that moment when she was least able to do it for herself.

Did I Like It? 
The idea for the trip started about two years earlier when Jo read a newspaper article,reading that gap years were wasted on the young, she agreed and the seed was planted.This was something she had wanted to do ever since her brother had went backpacking but couldn't do it for fear of upsetting her mum.
 She found support in her daughters and the rest of her family, packed her rucksack and jolly well went to see the world for a year.
I read this book while on holiday in Turkey where I had everything I needed at my fingertips including a case full of clothes and a washing machine. I just don't know how Jo lived out of a rucksack and lived so simply for all that time but I loved reading about it. I couldn't wait to read the next chapter.
Of course life isn't as simple as that when you are older and are leaving behind grown up daughters, the ties that bind you have a way of pulling you back and Jo faced many dilemmas of that sort along the way.
I followed Jo's travels through India and Malaysia. I never knew India was so big. I laughed with Jo,worried about her and at times I bit my nails because of her.
I devoured this book so quickly I really want to go back and read it all over again.
 A second book of Jo's travels called Hidden Tiger Raging Mountain about her travels to Nepal is now out for kindle and I for one can't wait to read it.
You can find Jo Carroll's book in this link.
Over The Hill and Far Away
Hidden Tiger, Raging Mountain.
I give this book five out of five stars *****

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