Righteous Exposure by A.K.James

 A rollercoaster ride.

This is a completely different book from I usually read but I thought I would give it a try. So with my glass of wine in hand in my comfy chair I ate chocolate and read.

What's it about?
Dr Alita Ramirez has achieved hard won goals,despite her humble beginnings from a poor Hispanic neighbourhood in SanAntonio,Texas. When she by chance discovers the truth about her past, she is driven to take drastic action. Alita is prepared to jeopardise everything, even her life,to expose the hypocrisy and cruelty of one man- Robson Cutter.
One of the richest men in San Antonio,Cutter is a pillar of his communtiy. Alita's quest is to reduce this pillar to dust. She knows a dark secret about Cutter that will bring him to his knees, but exposing the past of such a powerful man requires extreme measures. Will Alita have the strength and determination to suceed?

Did I like it? 
I actually loved this story. It had a very explosive beginning and I was hooked from the first few pages and that doesn't happen very often. There was a mixture of  suspense, crime and romance sprinkled with humour. It's not a book you can place in a definite genre.
  I actually found my heart racing as our herorine Alita found herself in deeper trouble than she ever imagined. I did get annoyed with her her at times as she risked her job and her good name for revenge, but as the story progresses I was with her all the way hoping the mighty Cutter would get his just desserts. Did he?
 Well, you'll have to read the book to find out, you wouldn't want me to spoil it for you.
 I always like to know what happens after the story ends, this to me is the sign of a good book. The author did not let me down as she concluded the story perfectly.

This book was published by Crooked Cat Publishing and can be found in Amazon  here

The author, Mandy has now signed with Choc Lit Publishing and is awaiting publication of her new novel,
"A Stich in Time" and I will be at the head of the queue for it.
This is my first ever book review on my new blog and I'm pleased to say I'm giving it five stars *****


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